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>no anon, buy a Mac. All real graphic artists use a Mac. It's way better and cooler than a PC.

mfw all the good 3D software runs like shit on a Mac (if it even supports the Mac).

Never should have listened to this 2D hipsters.

Was given a chance to learn Maya for free.

"Nah bra, Blender is the way of the future. Enjoy your Autocuck, you shill".

Now I can't fucking learn how to use another program because Blender has fucked up my way of thinking about how things work. I want to build a time machine just so I can go back to when I was 20 and beat the living shit out of myself for being such an idiot.
Seriously blender's issue is it's too efficient. I used to use vim for programming, then I learned some auto cad software, THEN I learned blender, bit the keyboard interface clicked so perfectly with me even though it's what I'm least experienced in by far it still makes everything else I use feel like garbage. Whenever I have a small piece of shit to model I will always try blender
>Now I can't fucking learn how to use another program because Blender

Stop making excuses you faggot
You 'can't' learn another program because you're a whiny pussy with no dedication
>no dedication
To the Blender cult.

I started out using 3dsmax for many years, then went to Blender because it had a lot more going for it. Today i work fine with both, though Blender is more comfy. Y'all a bunch of bitches. If you can't adapt to new software, you won't get far. The concepts are the same 99% of the time, only the buttons and approach are different.
Never used Blender in my life fgt
>because Blender has fucked up my way of thinking about how things work
If you don't have the neuroplasticity to learn more than one way of doing things this isn't your field and it never was.
no it isn't
I have some friends who have totally bought into the "if you're a REAL artist you'll use a Mac" Bullshit. It was true in the 1990s that Macs were better for music production and graphic art but that's not true now.
jesus christ, you guys take this shit way too seriously
Still stuck with a Mac from 2010, have to make do with running Max in a fucking VM and hardware shading doesn't work because no advanced DX or OGL support.
I swear to god once I save up a decent amount I'll splurge on a killer PC and never look back.

Learning different programs aren't that hard.

3D-Coat: One hand on the space bar, one hand on the mouse.
Hexagon: One hand on the keyboard, one hand on the mouse.
Maya: One hand on your wallet, one hand on the mouse.
Blender:Two hands on the keyboard, one hand on the mouse.
Zbrush: One hand... you just... I think it... fuck!
>went to 3D art school for 2 years
>my portfolio was shit on a stick
>the school is now bankrupt and closed
never fall for this, senpai
Are you trying to use zbrush without a tablet or something?
honestly just make small personal projects in different modeling software and alternate between them you will easily be able to adapt. Besides you should already be able to switch between software if you know the basics. Because the learning process is, "know what you want" "look it up" and you will figure it out.
Using Zbrush on PC is not hard at all, and whoever thinks otherwise is probably mentally challenged.
I'm already falling for this and can't really escape now. Wish me luck.
File: mojo-and-him.jpg (27 KB, 435x317)
27 KB
oh god that's a terrible one i agree! : D Mac and 3D who told you this?!

myself began with Amiga (old OP here) with lightwave. made good decision going on PC
but used to work with polygons point by point. was great for realtime vrml and vr at the time.
never get used to max or maya to go on video games : /

became insame seeing the world in as low as polygons possible.. get serious nervous breakdown. almost died 2 times.

works now with illustrator in 2D

for one year just back again in 3D for printing. fusion is nice to modelling stuff. won't ever do proper renders.

life is long. never say never OP...

I was just stupid and impressionable years ago when I was listening to all my hipster friends telling me that no real artist would ever use a PC and I'd need to use a Mac if I expected to be taken seriously.

Needless to say my next computer will not be a fucking Mac.

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