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I know nothing about this stuff so please forgive me

What software to vidya developers use to make maps. Like what Rockstar used for GTA 4 or whatnot.
Maps? Like gameplay maps?

Game engines (and their editors). Unreal, Unity and Source are some publicly available engines you can make maps in (you gonna need 3D assets to make the maps with, though), lots of companies like Rockstar use their own proprietary engine and editor.

Terrain can be made in programs like World Machine, but afaik you're still gonna port that to an engine to populate it with more detailed content.
Sky Ferreira is cute. CUTE!
Almost every game uses an engine specific program. 3D models made in common 3D software are often imported into that, but for the most part, a 3D game engine has its own specific level editor and its own specific file format.
Maybe he was asking about creation of the maps on the UI. In that case, I'm not actually sure.
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All I want to do is design buildings and shit. Sketchup is **Sketchy** and like 2007 tier.

I have pretty much no experience in 3D modeling but I am not retarded so I am sure I can work it on out
Get the Source SDK from Valve and watch some Hammer editor tutorials on youtube.
Or, if you don't mind some trouble, you can also get: http://kristianduske.com/trenchbroom/ or http://icculus.org/gtkradiant/
Those are GPL but for Quake only. Your choice.
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>what Rockstar used for GTA 4
> Game engine = painting
Work on your comprehension skills Muqtar
levels are blocked out in the engine using bsp then assets are modeled to take their place and imported into the engine.
The assets are mostly modular and can be retextured and reused a lot.
you dun fucked up m8
CrazyBump is a pretty popular tool for generating maps.
He means maps as in levels. Nice reading comprehension skills, John
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No I mean like maps for making cities and stuff

Here's some useful links.

If you're in the UK, you should use this one:

If you're in the US, this is the one you need;

Be good and work hard anon.

I'm just gonna summarize this post for the other 3tards scratching their heads right now:

'How are video games made?'
when a programmer and an artist love each other very much...

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