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What are the most respected degrees in the industry?
Pick unrelated
Comp Sci, Physics, or Mathematics + a good showreel.

Don't waste time on an actual degree in creating stuff in 3d. You don't need 4 years at school to learn that
I spent 7 years on a fucking game art and design degree anon. 7 fucking years. Do I have any projects that I can show now? nah. Did I learn how to model and light things? barely. I got what was basically a bunch of crash courses on industry software, useful if you have no access to the internet or a computer, like I was for quite a while, but its just not worth it. I couldve left, but I naively thought that itd get better. Worse even, since the local games industry is pretty much in its infancy over here, there were a lot of colleges that offered "game design" degrees the one I assisted in was the oldest, having been digital art focused for a few decades. bah.

That said I made some good friends, got a girlfriend and some friendly connections, but I couldve spent that money elsewhere. I think I learned more during the final stages of the degree, ie: the capstone project, than I did all those years.

Just learn how to do something that you cant learn online anon. don't chain yourself unnecessarily to debt like I did.
no such thing as a respected degree.

MAYBE with mechanical engineering and aerospace you have a guaranteed job for life. but with everything else is like gambling in the stock market. 50% of college graduates don't work in their field of study.

what you should do is start working now and invest, you are wasting time with government funded scams

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