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Does it really fucking matter what software I use if my only goal is to create lewd stills?
Software literally only matters if your employer tells it does.
Alright sweet.

Another spoonfeed newfag question: what are my best options for editable face models?

If for example I wanted a custom face on Samus body what would I do?
you mean expressions?
you can do them with actions (the safest way) or shapekeys which is more flexible but you can't transfer it to other programs (you can but you need a special script)
changing the entire face on a character seems too extreme for a newbie

Basically I want to be able to create my own faces (think any RPG game) and apply them to my models instead of just settling for the generic vidya faces that come with the models.

Sick of seeing the same old Witcher/Overwatch/Mass Effect shit everywhere.

Is this even possible/practical?
>Is this even possible/practical?

it is possible if your'e a good animator to begin with.
just remember that every face have its own different rig, and you can't transfer animation when you have a different rig. you will need a special rig that is suited to all of the faces, therefore the faces will have to be unique in their scale and dimensions
Thanks for the help.

I was kinda hoping there would be some kinda slider program which would produce face models that you can port over. For example, if I made a character in Skyrim or something and ported it over would it have no rig?
>if I made a character in Skyrim or something and ported it over would it have no rig?
depends on the file format, the slider system is exclusive to skyrim and it involves programming, but it can be done with just a 3d app
Sauce... for a friend?
Found it on /gif/.

Thread is still open.


Nope. Use what you find easiest.
For stills? Not really, long as it's not SFM.

For animation? That's a trickier question.
Is SFM or Blender easier to use for a noob?
You can't even compare those two.
what do you mean?

SFM if you want to make your porn quick
Blender if you want to make a money
>or shapekeys which is more flexible but you can't transfer it to other programs
fuckheadmanip just exports each shape key as .obj and then imports them as morph targets into DAZ, no script required

Any idiot can pick up SFM in a week or so without any previous knowledge.

Blender will take a lot of studying to use to it's full extent. The difference in results is also very noticeable.
Do 3D when young : I'm gonna to make a video game like Call of Duty
Do 3D when teen : I'm gonna make porn and have a ton of money
Do 3D when adult : I'm gonna try to find a job
when i was young i did porn and gore.
when i was a teen i got a job at Daimler (doing car commercials)
since i am an adult i smoke weed and play Call of Duty
lewd stills?

Check out "urbanator". Uses SFM and somehow makes some pretty nice stills. No animations. He does do touchups in Photoshop though.

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