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>tfw literally cant do shit in Zbrush/Mudbox unless i don't have a base model done in Maya

Anyone else? Working with Zspheres Dynamesh is so fucking cancer i just do the good old box modelling and then sculpt.
Yeah, I mostly use ZB for detailing my high-res bakes, but I guess it just depends on what you want to make and how comfortable you feel using the program.
For full-on organics and Geiger-esq monstrosities it's probably a sound idea to start in ZB as dynamesh offers pretty good flexibility and it's easy to go wild with intricate details.
For anything solid, I just poly model it, throw on chamfer and turbosmooth modifiers, export to ZB, send back the high-poly and original unmodified mesh into Substance painter and bake.
It's all just one of many ways to go about doing things and there's no reason you shouldn't stick to what you're used to if you get the same result faster.
> Working with Zspheres Dynamesh is so fucking cancer

i agree its cancer but the way i got around that is to inflate/deflate more in the block stage.

i saw a pro guy starting to block out with clay buildup on a zsphere model and i stupidly copied him and it hindered me

first do inflate/deflate then run over to clay buildup, then start doing your subtools etc
all with dynamesh of course. fuck base meshes
stop fucking whining and do the work, the only way to learn is to put yourself in this kind of situations, don't cry because its hard, cry because a fucking program its owning your ass.
>Not doing something in the objectively worse way means the program is owning your ass

you can block stuff out like this guy
what is the advantage of inflate/deflate over clay buildup?
clay buildup is for definition. for example if you want to start blocking out the chest and the ribs you would use strokes of clay buildup.

inflate/deflate is better for anatomy, you can build the basemesh faster with just puffing up certain areas that were damaged during adapting skin
>inflate/deflate is better for anatomy,
its all anatomy mate.
For me sculpting is so natural, I really don't know why the hell I would want to box model for example a head or body, I'd box model a gun, but organics...

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