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Is maya that bad for simulations? I was randomly searching what people created using biofrost nparticles or whatever Maya has and i saw some photorealistic results. I was actually kinda impressed.
Bifrost will give you great results
nordic as fuck
Maya's decent but everything is a fucking plugin and contributes to its instability. It's also not node-based so iteration is more difficult. Houdini is better because it's like all those plugins combined into one stable, efficient, very flexible, programmable, non-linear package.

Maya is still used but it's not worth learning anymore when something like Houdini exists.
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Do you have any industry experience yourself or are you just trying to look like you know something by being dismissive? Cos I'm telling you how it is in the industry
I think thats [agrees in autism]
Listen buddy... While you were sucking on your mommy's titties I was working in Hollywood and driving a fucking Ferrari. Maya is still used in SECRET. Literally each and every huge shot from latest blockbusters are made in Maya but they always tell they are using Houdini because of marketing money.
You can still get good results but why sweat blood to get good results in Maya when you can get better results in Houdini?
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>tfw houdini has also invested for shills to come here and advertise their shit like autodesk did, while blender foundation rakes the fucking cash for no promise nor guarantee

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