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I know how to use blender 'pretty well'. (I know hotkeys and I got the UI down), But I'm complete shit at modeling I've just been piecing together youtube tutorials to get where I am.

So Where should I Start Learning. My goal is to make game assets. any good youtube channels or websites where I can learn good habits and such?
for modeling habits

>goal is to make game assets
>learn good habits
texture bake tutorial.
you can make a simple cube look decent in a game with just textures if you know how to bake.


also, what game engine?
blender engine?
>i fucking hope not unity
source engine?
probably just start with the basics after you choose your game engine, figure out a workflow that works and then try and get better
no specific game engine I want to get pretty decent to join a small team
You're at the point where you need to start doing some big long tutorials that have projects that take hours or days or even weeks to finish.
You'll get annoyed that 1 hr of video turns into 6 hrs of work due to pausing the video, applying what you saw, trying to understand what you saw, unpausing video. But that's just the learning process; as you assimilate more information you'll find with future tutorials you don't need to pause nearly as much, and eventually you'll be able to improvise.

Also, I'm sure you've already run into this but, it's entirely normal to feel like "I'm not learning anything, I'm just painting by numbers, I have no idea how I ended up drawing this entire Owl" (that's a Loomis related meme) but you ARE learning you just don't retain 100% of what you're exposed to. Keep chugging a long, finish the tutorial series, move on to another, if you revisit one of the old ones you'll be amazed at how much you now understand and actually did learn.
best advice i can give you about game asset creation:
>be prepared to redo your work on each model at least twice, sometimes 3 times.
>learn how to reuse a single texture on different models without it looking the same.
>do not get discouraged when the game engine will not accept your model.

now your best bet is also to learn how to bake from high-poly to low-poly.
that way you can have a ton of detail with very high framerate.
>now your best bet is also to learn how to bake from high-poly to low-poly.
dude you can literally learn that in 5 minutes
whats everyone's beef with unity? just bad graphics engine?
its actually too "lightweight" and easy to use for /3/ to understand
>learn that in 5 minutes
yes you can.
but in order to learn how to do it properly it takes awhile.

the best game to come out of the unity engine is hearthstone.

let that sink in.

Let that sink in, idiot
>1.4 bil
that's 2% of a AAA title's development budget 7 years ago.

let that fully sink the fuck in.
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>a billion USD
>game budget
>AAA titles have 70 billion dollar budgets

You're fucking retarded, Let that sink in.
don't waste time on baking textures and lightning, that's too much work for someone that isn't into texturing and advanced materials.
since unity is mostly equipped for making lightweight/mobile games the shader is not powerful so you would be much better off sticking to the diffuse/specular workflow.

please do something like this:

those complete courses are outstanding for someone that doesn't exactly know what tutorials to watch.
doing textures with projection tools and UV'ing is gonna improve your skills by alot. decent bakes is alot of trial and error even if you are already good at 3D so avoid it
you do know that Avengers: Infinity War has a budget of only 1 bil. Are you saying that AAA vidya is 500% higher?
alright thanks,

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