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ATTENTION: This is not a /biz/ thread.

I have 100k euros I live in Greece and I'm thinking on deploying a motion capture studio. I want to go to the route of Autodesk Motionbuilder and so on. As this is not a /biz/ thread let's not focus on whether it is a good business choice or not. Let's talk about the software path, what hardware and tools will I need, news and latest innovations on mocap and if 100k euros are enough for all these.
I plan on rigging body and facial 4D photogrametry. I am an architect and I used Agisoft for the past 5 years. Also done animations manually with autodesk biped and CAT.
100k euros aren't enough to start a liquor store

I've got the studio covered. 100k are for the rest.
>100k euros
Is this a troll?
Very interesting. I too am an architect and looking into mocap and photogrammetry options to create my own characters and animations for UE4 Archviz.
Idk any of this tho so take this as a bump.

100k could be a good start but can you generate enough income to sustain your studio?
>I am an architect
You guys just won't give up I see
Just buy a fucking Kinect
I guess try setting up 2 hacked kinects in your living room and see if you manage to get any clients, if you get any money think about getting a real studio.
Yeah it's always the same "photogrammetry" guy who replies to himself, claims to have 100k euros but somehow can't buy the other half of the tree.

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