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tfw nobody knows what you're talking about
£D printing is a waste of time and money anyway. They guy who scammed you may have done you a favor in the long run.
Did you try to make a capital three or do you really like the £ symbol?
>supporting some scam on kikestarter
>not getting a cheap china printer which prints just as well (see youtube reviews)

kekkest of kekk
Well I bought a nice, reputable printer. Apparently a lot of other people think it's nice too because I ordered it in May and it's expected in October
Obviously I'm talking about Prusa
It's okay for building models irl
But it's a pretty big meme too.

>tfw ordered a kickstarter funded lasercutter in may of last year and now they said it will be delivered in January (was supposed to arrive in may this year)

Kickstarter and Stert ups are gr8 but they really need to step up their maufacturing and distribution game
File: 1492748973482.jpg (21 KB, 628x676)
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Peachy Printer.
They hyped up people for a $100 laser based 3D printer:

They got like 300k, then nothing happened for years and then suddenly they made some really strange video how all that money "got lost"

Classic crowdfunding faggotry.
I don't understand. The situation is quite clear. He should take out a mortgage on the house to refund the money if their intent is fairness. Or sell it.

So clearly just a scam. I don't see why kickstarter doesn't get involved.
>3d "printing"
You people need to fucking grow up and realize it tries to solve problem which has been solved decades ago, and only has limited justified application in situations when material is so expensive it cannot be wasted, i.e. titanium alloys
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYCPdPTMzkU [Embed]
3D printing (FDM especially) and CNC have different limiting characteristics, even when ignoring material options.
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>you can freely exchange 3D printing with cnc

never go full retard
The characteristic of CNC is that it allows to make useful things which are actually worth money. The characteristic of 3d printing is that it allows to scam hipsters for device which will supposedly allow to create sad keanu out of jar filled with urine.
Kickstarters tos make it clear that you are merely 'donating' money so if the creator wants to take the money and run you're shit out of luck
Sounds like you've never used either.

I use 3D printing to prototype my (to be) injection molds. It's very convenient.
Shame. I don't see why any consumer would go for it then. I find it a bit hard to believe it's literally no security.
Sounds like you fail to understand very simple idea. If you own cheap CNC machine you can use it to make money. If you own 3d printer you can use it to make "useful" and convenient things. Too bad they are not worth shit.
So your idea of at home CNC is that they're good at making money. Misguided. Even stupid i dare say.
>If you own cheap CNC machine you can use it to make money. If you own 3d printer you can use it to make "useful" and convenient things
If you don't use articles you can shitpost on a forum hosted in someone else's country, Mikhail

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