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What is a good tool/script to skin hair/fur in Maya?

I've tried Google for days now, but I only get garbage results with all these tools that aren't suitable for games. I'm talking about polygonal hair/fur.


This is exactly what I need, but all the links are broken.
For hair and fur in games you use texture shells for short hair, systems like HairWorks or TressFX for long hair, or shaders for fur.
In case of effects-driven hair/fur, you use control splines generated from whatever hair styling system your package comes with, while shells are used for short hair and so remain mostly static and don't need to be animated.
Unless you're modeling a static hair piece or using a solver, your hair will probably look like shit otherwise, so don't even bother with doing what I think you're attempting. Use control splines and let the game render the hair.
File: Hair.jpg (220 KB, 1024x1024)
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It's short, static hair that goes down the neck of the character. Copying weights works OK, but not good, because the 4 vertices on each "card" get different values on them by the neck. That script would allow the weight painting on each "card" to be the same value without paintstakingly doing it manually, so that it won't stretch.

The only problem I have with the hair as far as looks go is the sharp shadows that appear when two "cards" intersect, especially when viewing directly from the back, but there must be some way to fix that when so many games seem to do just this.

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