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Sup, i have a question. When you all finish your models and are ready to texture them do you all just instantly put into substance painter,MARI or other shit like this or any of you use actually texturing/materials from your 3D Program? Like Hypershade in Maya?
Hypershade is the name of the node editor in Maya, not a material.
You create your material in lets say Substance Painter.
Material in this case means a shader made up of several texture channels (albedo, roughness, normal etc.)

You export these textures and hook them up in the hypershader into a material of your renderer.

So lets say you use Arnold, you have to use a material(shader) from Arnold, which in this case is the Arnold Standard material.

If you use Redshift you have to connect your textures to the Redshift material.
What i meant is do you create your materials and apply them to your object using your 3D program (so if we talking about Maya then using Hypershade) or do you all just jump straight into Mari or Substance Painter and do it there.
No, if you have your unwrapped Mesh, it goes straight to a dedicated texture program.
Hypershade is just a node editor. You can't paint on textures there.
Ye but if you have something like an interior where you don't need 50 materials for one object (lets say i want to texture a shelf for example) i don't think you really need to paint textures. I am asking because i wonder if i have to bother uwrapping my whole scene etc. when its static and put into substance painter and then paint everything when i can just use hypershade instead and assign the material i need to selected objects/faces.
I thought you where asking about hero assets, not a whole (big) scene.
Yeah sure whatever gets the job done and looks good. If you can get away with using procedural stuff, noise, tile-able textures, go for it.
The end justifies the means.
You always can add more detail.
For these kind of work, Substance Designer is very handy.

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