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Check out my reload animation!

Inspired by Black Ops 2!

Critique? All welcome! Thanks!

its worse in every way
Are you serious? That makes me sad if you are, I am very proud of this, I thought I did well.
It's cool but it's like people have been doing nothing else but weapons and reload animations for the past 20 years.
Does it look AAA quality?
Hey op it looks good! Better than most shit I see in most indie shooters. What do you use to animate in? I'd like to pick up first person animation but never knew how to begin. Any tips? Where do you get your resources from?
>Anonymous 08/24/17(Thu)19:38:13 No.579

Someone else asked me this, so I will copy/paste my message to them, it still applies to you!

OP here! Great questions!

I use 3ds Max student liscense for free, however blender is very popular, and maya too!

Getting started, animation theory, 3d animation, basics and learning curve for 3ds max is not too steep!

I suggest you look at

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKRjrSwVNVM [Embed]

he is amazing and this is his tutorial! he is using 3ds max.

Also, Hypermetal101, using blender
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzLnkpBQUfA&t=4s [Embed]

Part 1 of 3, definitely recommend!

Also! My youtube account linked, just send me a message, I would be so happy to help you out!

I usually use other peoples rigs, HOWEVER i know how to make my own, and with vid linked, I had an already boned rig, but I set up the ik system on it, super simple process, takes 60 seconds.

I get my resources from GameBanana, youtube, everywhere!

Good luck, practice will make perfect, and you can be amazing.
OP here again! would you say it is as good as call of duty? Be honest!
It doesn't look bad. It absolutely reminds me of blackops 2. I would have guessed it is if I had to.
So naturally it's good.
But it'd add more to the animation if he actually grabbed the empty magazine. It'd also make more sense because the magazine release is positioned in front of the trigger at the back of the magazine.
But it's common for video game guns to have fairly magic operation.
Another option is to have him just tap the magazine release while lowering the hand. Dunno how that'd look.
I'm so glad, I was heavily inspired by BO2!

I will experiment with other reload styles, just trying to prove to myself that i have the skill to do it.
Basically, the only thing it's missing is the fluidity of the AAA animations, which I assume just comes down to more frames of animation and more polish
OP here!
Made a new animation an hour ago, tell me what ya think?

Hey op, have you gotten any freelance work before? You're obviously at a level good enough for at least indie games, now. Would developers be looking for a specific first person animator? Or would they want a sort of Jack of all trades who could perhaps rig, texture, and animate not only weapons but characters too? Do you think it's better to just get really good at first person animation, or do you have other skills in your toolbox also?
It's certainly not AAA quality, but for a beginner, it looks alright
I think at least indie dev's would want jack of all trades, major studios might want people focused on sole prospects. that's just my guess. I prefer being a jack of all trades.

I thought it as pretty similar to call of duty myself, disappointing to hear you say this, but I appreciate your honesty.
but to answer your question, I've never gotten work before.
It's rigid, a little robotic. But if you keep going you'll easily be pro. Seems you got a really good setup going, just keep using curves and imitating nuances. Keep it up.
>moving charging handle with pinky finger

I'm not sure if this is the way to do it..
more like FAIL reload
seriously, mag slips into like it's made of cardboard
the weapon should twitch bit as force is applied to stick mag in
you would not cock with just the pinky finger.
other than that, literally no gamer would complain.
Something feels unnatural about the animations.
This for one, Both the reloads I looked at it seemed there was no resistance what so ever going into the gun. Almost like they would just fall out any moment due to not being locked in place.
But also this. As long as reload animations are CLOSE ENOUGH, nobody will care.
i don't know if it's the fistful of oxycontin, or just your compliment, but this made me really, sleepy and euphoric and made me have a hard-time breathing.

Oh, on a serious note, that actually really made me happy. :)

Can you checkout my Makarov reload? Rate it?

OP here, Can you put it in simple terms for me? I REALLY want to get better, I want ANY critique.
I want to know what I can do to improve.
Be aware I am not a /k/unt or whatever those faggots call themselves, so take anything with a grain of salt.
Notice how in the video the reload slows down considerably once the mag reaches the gun itself.
In your OP, the mag never stops moving or even slows down, not only that but it almost looks like it's going in at an angle and doesn't even move into the gun itself.
As the guy mentions in this video, making sure your mag is going to line up properly is important, you'll want to slow down before you actually insert it into the gun.
In the pistol reload here >>579158 you have the same problem, there's no room for error in your animations, it makes it feel very fake. The hand seems to be taken away from the gun before the mag even makes the click.
Remember that the people in your animations are in a life or death situation and that they aren't going to risk fucking up their reload for a few extra nanoseconds off their reload time.
You want speed, yes, but you always want to double check yourself while you're reloading.
Again, not a gun user or anything, but this is how I generally behave around anything that my life depends on me doing correctly.
I see what you are saying, I do.

Making a reload right now, Keep watch, I'm taking your advice, It'll be up today, or tomorrow!
Check this new anim out!

I was going for weight, which was a critique last time.


I could do better, but this is made in two hours without trying to hard, anyway, tell me what you think!
If you're seriously attempting to get positive criticism on 4chan, you might need to rethink where you are.

4chan is a place where you can show off your work, get shit on, and someone could possibly say something of use from time to time.
The hand rotates weird during him putting the bullet chain in.
Other than that, much better, has more weight now.
Polish that up and you're looking at a much better animation than your first two.
Just because 80% of 4chan is dicks, doesn't mean it has to be that way.
Don't be part of the problem, actually try to help people and others will follow suit, it'll be slow because of that mentality you're saying 4chan is.
>You're obviously at a level good enough for at least indie games
To get that OP needs to show biped animation, shit that works in a game engine. That's something that's worth working towards rather than trying to recreate other people's work.

/3/ is full of bitter autists who spend more time shitting on blender and 3ds max than getting shit done (due to their lack of talent).

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