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I'm attempting my first "serious" asset creation where I take it slower than usual and try my best and actually complete it. It'll be my first portfolio piece if it's good enough in the end.

I'm worried by how long it's taking me though. The pistol in my pic for example has taken me about 5 hours so far. How long would it take someone employed in a game development company?
pull off the grip pattern and the engravings.
other than that, not bad
The shape of the grip looks fucky but it could just be the FoV + angle. If you based it off a side view of the real thing it should probably be fine.

5 hours seems on par to get this much stuff done, assuming you're doing it with subd modeling (control loops everywhere) and are actually trying to get clean geo and all your details. It might be a bit slow to get to that point but you'll pick up speed with experience.

Good assets take a lot of time to complete. Two weeks would be a rough estimate of time to fully make a detailed first person weapon, or complex hero prop in a game (from initial high poly to final textures). Most of the time will be spent on your HP and texturing, with a smaller (but almost equivalent) amount of time to make the LP, UV it and bake.

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