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I'm a blender babby who makes models for games, not art, and I've got a model I'm actually using for an art project for once

I'm trying to make geometry-based outlines (akin to GGXRD or JSRF) and I want to render these outlines in Cycles

the outlines themselves are just a fattened duplicate of the mesh with the normals inverted, but no method I've been able to find works for the problem I'm having and the render always ends up rendering the backfaces of the outline leaving me a black silhouette of the character

pic related, how would I go about making geometry-based outlines render properly in cycles? Am I just too babby for this?
I too tried recently to render a character with the inverted normal hull method in Cycles, but i failed.
Might be my lack of knowledge of Cycles, or it isn't possible.
It works however flawless in Blenders old Internal render.
File: testan.png (84 KB, 960x540)
84 KB
i want to avoid using blenders internal render since i already have shaders set up for the cartoon-like shading im going for

pic related, old render but all of the shader settings are in place

if nothing else works, what I could do is render the outlines as an alpha layer in Blender internal (white outline mesh, black duplicated makoto mesh, black background) and then superimpose that over the outline-less cycles render, I just want to know if theres a way that requires less work
Lets just hope somebody with more knowledge comes around and tells us.
I am really interested in an NPR anime like style, but if all fails i just render in C4d's sketch and toon or Mental Ray.
well great, now I'm having an equally impossible time figuring out how the fuck to accomplish this in blender's internal render

I guess the fucking blender staff are too brainfucked to understand that there maybe might be a desire for this sort of functionality from more people than just shader genies
Why not use a different renderer?
haven' you heard about freestyle rendering?
you better use the blender internal because cycles is a ray trace engine and it makes the shadows too soft.
the toon shader in both cycles in internal is the same thing, you have to adjust the shader sliders in order to get good results.
and this >>578722
i know all about internal, just ask
Very possible, anon.
And your result.
File: 3324.png (138 KB, 1171x656)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
here is a quick rundown (blender internal)

>make duplicate of your model
>give it a black material
>inflate the new mesh with alt+d a little bit
>invert normals of new mesh
>click on use nodes in on the black material
>go to composition nodes
>put geometry node
>put front/back into alpha

no need to use nodes for your main material
meant material nodes*
Is it possible to make an outline of the model without the fattened and flipped normals method, like with a shader? Super new here, sorry if its a very simple question.
freestyle looks like sin, i aint touching that shit
dont worry, by this point i already figured it out

I had... ONE setting tweaked to the wrong values, and I had no clue it was a setting problem or which setting it was until i stumblrd upon it

these two were set to zero

I'm a little babby
>freestyle looks like sin, i aint touching that shit
It's extremely powerful, which means default results look like garbage. You can't just fuck with settings to try and get a good result, you have to read the documentation (or watch some videos) and then spend a fair bit of time understanding and tweaking and setting it up.
It might seem like a huge pain, and it is, but you can get some really excellent results particularly with animations once you put in the time to master it.

Incidentally, the Cycles toon shader is the same way. Totally garbage useless results if you just slap it on a mesh; you have to setup the proper lights (to get hard shadows) and render settings (low or zero light bounces)
already got the toon shader up and runnin

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