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What does anon do for extra money? I've seen people post models on CG trader and they seem to do ok with getting extra cash. I also remember reading about the unreal marketplace, What would be some good stuff to bust out quick to make some extra cash? Also anyone know any other sites to post stuff on?
Lots of people in my hometown don't know shit about 3D yet everyone and their grandma wants it. So local commercials, churches, music videos for people. I also am a filmmaker and musician so I composite little things for my shorts and I use 3D live with my music.

I tried to get into the unreal marketplace but I didn't stick with it. No matter what, you are spending time on something that may be worth nothing. So keep that in mind not to be discouraged through marketplaces and stuff online but I've had way more success with people/groups in real life.

Everyone wants 3D but they either don't know what they want, demand months of work and expect it in a week, or become fucking cheapskates when you bill them for your time.

But it's decent money. Branch out to what you feel comfortable doing and gather experience from there. Practice every fucking day as well.
Cool thanks for the advice
I work a real job.
>what does anon do for extra money?

>also am a filmmaker and musician
got any links to some tunes?
i feel like passing judgment.
Your "real job" also apparently doesn't require reading comprehension skills.

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