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Guys I actually unironically like blender's Morse And keyboard UI

Am I.... Retarded? It just clicks with me, and everything else feels cumbersome by comparison. I started out in 3ds Max and Revit and supplemented that with SketchUp, and just picked up blender as I moved away from architectural and hard surface modeling. Obviously I miss some of the goodies that come with 3ds out of the box, but fuck. Z brush is next on my list to pick up.

Anyways this wasn't an ask for help thread or anything, just curious since I don't think I've seen anything but hate for blender anywhere I go on the web.

I still hate gimp though
>Guys I actually unironically like blender's Morse And keyboard UI

i'll forgive the spelling error since you finally admit the superiority of blender's functional and intuitive ui.

keyboard shortcuts are where it is at.

anybody that bitches about blender's ui is retarded since they can't learn to press keys.

>g = grab
>s = scale
>r = rotate

just that alone is helpful as fuck.
There's one guy maybe two tops that is responsible for all the blender hate here. You can safely ignore them as they rarely contribute anything of note.
don't waste any time worrying about what other people think about the tools you use for your art.
File: mayausers.png (397 KB, 1611x892)
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I made this for the good users of /3/
Blender is a perfectly capable piece of software and is free on top of that. Most people here are cancer and probably just hate the blender community more than blender itself. Of course its not as good as other paid software but still compared equal to them. Don't let faggots here try to make you feel bad for liking a software
dude internet is dominated by hate trains nowdays. everything gets affected by it.

I'm Zbrush/Maya user, but from what I saw in blender it's really good software and can do same as any 3d generalist package.

people deem UIs bad and unusable just because 2-3 thungs are named differently, has different looking cursors, etc..

be open minded, dont listen to trolls
People dislike the retarded community more than the program itself and shitpost about Blender to make them mad. (it works).
the funny thing is, iv seen many people switch to max/maya because of complaints on blender. and i never see them make progress, most of them never post again.
this is why i don't take these people seriously, they have the capability to use any software they want, and yet they can't make shit.
No, you're not retarded. But the UI DOES have a learning curve (then again, most UIs do).

The use of keyboard shortcuts is actually pretty clever all things considered and makes it a little less difficult. The problem comes with the windows and some of the other screens, like the graph editor.
people are degenerats...

and there is other thing, people tell newcommers, that industry uses only maya and if you don't know maya then you are doomed, but it's utter BS.
you must know how to do 3d, when you'll be on the level where you can start working in "industry", you'll be able to switch instantly to any other software. I'm kinda newcomer, 1,5 years since started doing 3d, I know enough to switch to any software without any problem.

I started with C4d and then switched to Maya, because I've read comments... but back then I just did not knew how 3d works and thought C4d just had no chance at doing what I wanted.
I'm Maya still maya user BTW.

then I started using zbrush at some point and oh boiiii, I'm hoked after that.

OH AND people who don't learn hotkeys, even if the software is not forcing you, are degenerats.
I'm a Maya user and Blender is just fine, so is the UI. It's the blender fanbase that give Blender a bad name.

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