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is it difficult to move from 3D sculpts/modelling to Tradicional sculpt? i ask that because i'm kinda sad. I know i have just 2 years of 3D, as generalist, but somehow i think i do not have what it takes to keep in this 3dcg business..so lets say i change my goal of life, can i use some of the modelling knowledge to the traditional sculpt, or is it a brand new world to discover?

Any sculptors here to share some information/tips about this?
>traditional sculpt
exodus 20:25
And if thou wilt make me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stone: for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it.

trad sculpt is sin.
>Modern church altars are made with cut stones
>churches are sinful alters to God
I can't stand the Bible

Genesis 19:32
"Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father."

OP, if you wanna sculpt you just gotta do it. It's like starting with a basic mesh and only performing destructive work. Doesn't sound fun to me, but you do what you like, you know? How are you gonna know if you don't start?
>is it difficult to move from 3D sculpts/modelling to Tradicional sculpt?
Clay? No, not really.
Stone? Yeah.
Do you ever want to earn a living?
You as in marble and wood?

Jesus man, give up now unless you want to dedicate your life to this.
Clay sculpture is easy to get into, but the key is learning anatomy and form and 3d is a good if not better for this also drawing and anatomy study.
No reason not to combine both, sculpt in real life but try to daily anatomy practice.
Actually due to lack of any UI that would stop you learning tools in clay sculpture will be faster, but dont think you will have any much more idea as to what to do if you lack the knowledge and experience.
Pretty sure that just means
Real men sculpt useing raw stone
Only pussies use perfect cubes to make art

Or this is a temple of god I don't want some sculpture any artist could make
I want ones made from raw stone for this specific instance
I can't help but feel like a pleb compared to a traditional sculptor. Technology made everything much easier. I think 3D sculpting doesn't hold as much weight. Compare some human sculpt from marble with the one made in zbrush, you won't be so much in awe with a zbrush sculpt, even if they were exactly the same. At least I wouldn't.

To go a bit offtopic, I also often see people talking about how they use generators to make rocks, vegetation and such, to "make it faster so you can focus on art". Dude, that in itself takes time to learn properly and IS art. There are now generators that create whole cities and architecture, but people still say how it just makes it easier for an artist and let's him be more creative - nigga, what is creative in that process then? Pulling some sliders and still making generic looking models?

Imagine old painters buying some pieces of paper with prepainted clouds and gluing them to canvas, and then applying some light filter over it with a brush paint and calling them their own. There is only one William Turner for a reason. Now those "boring clouds" can be easily generated with plugins like trueSky. No artistry in that.

I don't know... I don't understand that viewpoint.
When everything can be represented mathematically, why should a generalist slave away to complete a project while some algorithm can take you 75% of the way there.
I understand your criticism of it not being pure art, but i think it just depends on the artist and the purpose of the project.

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