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Okay /3/ i need your help I'm getting crazy,

How do you get hard surfaces?

I mean, i know blender and maya, but for example the subsurface method in blender plus edge loops looks like shit, and hard ops doesn't feel right ( i already have it), and in Maya 2018, I use smooth but it's the same, shit looks ugly even when the edge loops are properly added, if it's matter I'm build an ak but literally feels impossible to get the hard feel.

Short: Proper way of getting hard edges smoothing surfaces, etc, in any, or maya or Blender.
watch these. He is our GOD


That's modo if I'm not wrong, well, i suppose it will the same as arrimus 3d.
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long story short, git gud.

i have seen many people, including from this board that make guns,cars and even robots in regular subD modeling.

Yes!, I mean, in blender with hard ops i can do something, like that, just using bevels, but the thing is that it doesn't feel right, what i need is a workflow, after watching lots of videos they just make low poly shit and then poof hard edges n shit.
you might want to get a masterclass lesson.
its basically a lesson that goes through something that is supposed to be really hard to test your skills and improve
in blender, for example. you have this

or in 3ds max you would have something like this

you can probably pirate some of these but, support the devs.
Are you beveling? You need to bevel pretty much everything

Yeah, but is beveling the proper method? Or is just a situation of preference between bevel and subsurface/smooth?

Also is it okay to start with low poly elements and then add detail?
use the bevel shader like Tor does mate
Blender doesn't have a bevel shader built in (I believe there's some script that approximates it) but yes you want to bevel (with the modifier, imo) and then bake from a high poly to a low poly (if it's for a game or animation or a really intensive render where that optimization is worth it)
try fusion 360 its awesome

Thanks for the advice but no, i already learned enough shit basic shit for each program, i would prefer to get the basic workflow.

But doesn't the subsurf modifier destroy it?

I mean the bevel.
No? It depends on the stack order:

Bevel Modifier ( Bevel Weights )

Use the Edge Bevel Weight (Ctrl E, you can bind a key to it if you like) to control what edges look smooth or sharp. The power of Hard-Ops is that it very quickly does all the stuff you'd be doing by hand with subdivision, bevel modifier, mirror modifier, and booleans

Wow, it really works!, Do you think this would work in maya as well? (Obvious tools are different, but with the smooth thingy)
>subsurface method in blender plus edge loops looks like shit
then you're doing it wrong.
i've literally never had a problem.
This is great man, appreciate the tip.

You're probably right, but for example when making an ak stock it works flawlessly, but when making the receiver i don't know what to do to make the edges sharp without making the mesh round.

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