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You shouldn't be using it at all because it's inaccurate.
and yet sanic exists
I wish they would deprecate features more often in 3D.
There's too much shit in the average 3D modeling package that you apparently shouldn't be using but wouldn't know otherwise unless you were actively keeping up with the times.
is that unity?

let me give you some advice.

you shouldn't be using unity unless you know how to code.

>if that's not unity
you shouldn't be using whatever the fuck that shitty program is because, seriously, what the fuck type of name is "standard shader".
tell me how to use it then baby
btw I don't use Unity's default shaders, I code every shader myself (including image effects). I just made this thread because I'm sick of lazy 'artists' who use the Standard Shader for 'Muh Efficiency' cause 'Fuck You Coding Elitist' but then proceed to not input ANY textures, making the whole thing look like shit. The worst part is when they think 'it doesn't look right' so they bully someone on a forum to write a special shader just for them. I know there are actual artists who are like REALLY good at 3d modelling, texturing, animating, but lack some coding skills atm, and that's fine, but when you don't have any of those skills and you complain that Game Engines are shit because you actually have to put work in them to make your game look good and then try to make people on the internet make your entire game for you without being payed...that needs to fucking stop.

Anyway, if anyone needs help writing shaders, I'd be willing to help...
unity graphical capabilities is pretty shit

>metallic smoothness, which is somekind of nigger way of saying metallic roughness. and it works in a completely different way than any shader
>does not recognize normal map instantly, even if you the normal map in the normal input
>specular and smoothness is the same thing.
>lets you switch color for TEXTURE MAPS, for no apparent reason. texture maps shouldn't have a color input, the texture IS the color
>smoothness is very misleading. gloss or spec does not make the object smoother. its like a 12 year old kid decided on this terminology
>have 20 different shaders for no reason. you can just use the regular one and tweak stuff there
>unity zoom in/out is too extreme. its often impossible to get a good angle on your model
yes that is Unity
It's called the standard shader because that's the standard (generic) shader applied by default.
what the actual fuck are you talking about
yeah there are always going to be some dickheads who don't plug any textures in and expect good results, but if your iq isn't in the ingle digits you just drop those tards like an ugly baby.
A fully fleshed out material using the standard shader, that makes use of all the available inputs (including detail albeto and normals) actually looks pretty good.
smoothness = 1-roughness.
roughness = 1-smoothness.
In photoshop you just hit CTRL+ i and it's done.
A normal map is just a texture when imported. Unity imports the fine as any other image, and does the compression itself. It'll actualy prompt you with a 'autofix now' button when you assign it.
Switching color (main Color) over the texture maps is actualy pretty useful for testing. Not so much in prod but it's one vector fetch and one multiply in the shader so who gives a fuck.
Smoothness has always been about sub-pixel shape and how it reacts to light. You'd have to be a 12 year old to not understand this
You can change zoom amount by holding Shift, or if you'd rather you can position objects and go view>align camera to object (there's like 4 options for aligning things)

miserable cunts
It's kind of hard to 'just drop those tards' when they invade every fucking forum, board, comment section, and everywhere else where there could have been some good discussion going on. Either I find myself on the wrong side of the internet too often or maybe my IQ is just low. Anyway, aren't these 'special snowflakes' the same people who shit all over steam aswell?
the fuck you on about?
crazy mf chill
this will become this only boards copypasta.
i will make it so.
>In photoshop you just hit CTRL+ i and it's done.
not so fast buddy. you have to merge the INVERTED roughness map to the alpha of the metallic, if i didn't use sp i would have to do it manually for every texture.
>A normal map is just a texture when imported. Unity imports the fine as any other image
and? unreal does detect it
there is no excuse to why every zoom advances 100 units
they probably fuck up everything they see. ignore them, make interesting shaders only.

I don't know what else to tell you. You can invert channels individually in PS by selecting the channel, CTRL + a, CTRL + i, then save.

Unity will give you a prompt when you plug the NM into the NM slot and show an auto-fix button. If you're not going to use that texture it doesn't matter and if you've still managed to fuck it up after that point you should probably uninstall your computer and become amish

Also, Unity's zoom is based on the bounding box of the last object selected. Create a Unity Plane (not a quad) and press F to focus. Zoom a bit. Then create a cube (1m^3) and zoom, then select the cube and press f, then zoom again. This is so you can have an effective zoom on km-scale terrains and very small milimeter-scale objects, like your brain.
im telling you this because no other renderer or program on earth decided this is how glossy material or textures should be handled.

it was a huge mistake on the developers end, and im surprised they didn't re-write their shader
the opacity in unity is stupid too
it uses the opacity from the png file instead of working with an opacity map
Unity sucks assume. Shit tier lighting and shaders
Ass *
What's your email? I might ask then :v
>please papa the zoom so much i can't handle

Unity's zoom is just fine, quit bitching
0.0001 shekels have been added to your account

please check unity.com/balance to check your balance
Unity has some pretty snazzy shader editors ready for plugin. Amplify is building up lots of steam. Standard is alright if you're ok with mediocrity.
Down load Unity and UE4.

Download Life is Strange model.

Unity version looks like complete garbage. UE4 version looks amazing.

I'm learning C++ because Unity has garbage graphics. You know how more stupid C++ is compared to C#.
--> >>578281
>I code every shader myself

Furthermore, with the complicated maths I put into my shaders...using nodes or an editor would be tedious and cumbersome. Not knowing how to code in Unity puts a lot more work on your shoulders and will probably end up with you spending a lot of money on plugins and assets you don't need. Unity really isn't the best engine for people who don't know how to code. If you are one of those people, use Unreal. Unreal has blueprints and Node based Materials built in.

>looks at one example of a bad port
>assumes the entire engine is bad
>thinks c++ is stupid compared to c#

oh...hi there...
I would argue that C# is such a gateway language that it's not a huge problem to use Unity anyway. I personally use Unreal anyway, but Unity is easy because you can even use Java to code in it. It's a great beginner engine.

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