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"Octane Render is the first GPU-based unbiased renderer to be released to the public.[6][7][8][9] It uses the graphics card to calculate all measures of light, reflection and refraction"

Is that a Truck of Peace or just a regular truck?
OP, that shit has been around for almost a decade now.

How fucking behind are you
Redshift is better
>tfw AMD
Yep! Don't even bother with Octane. Redshift is miles ahead in features/integration...to be honest it's the only GPU render engine I have used which is fully feature film ready. It can work with brute force GI, irradiance cache, photon mapping, adaptive subdivs, volumes (with ID channels such as temperature/velocity/fuel), particles, multiple hair and grooming tools. It is also integrated into loads of DCC packages and has a really strong uber shader. It's also the fastest render engine I have ever used and I only have a gtx 980! It also has a custom proxy system that can be used to cache out things like hair and reduce the pre processing time for your fames...seriously just get it :p
red shift is biased, and is not realtime.
Redshift has multiple methods of solving the lighting. It can use brute force path tracing for a highly accurate simulation of light, it can use irradiance caching for a faster approximation or you can use photon mapping which is necessary for caustics. Side by side redshift and octane both give amazing visual results especially when redshift is using its path tracing algorithm. Ptetty much every render engine used in feature film is biased and you would never know looking at how realistic the results are. Unbiased render engines are actually wasteful in terms of rendering time because of the unintelligent approach to solving the lighting. Redshift isn't realtime? Octane isn't realtime? It progressively renders just like redshift does when using the IPR in maya.

>what is OpenCL
Redshift>Arnold>Mantra>The Rest

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