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how can people make outdoor renders with 0 noise? correct me if im wrong but the more lights you have the more bounces = more noise. also the grass + people + cars is heavy on the system and takes a while to render

some guy here claimed its pre-rendered GI, is there a way to do it? how can people render environment at such high resolution with 0 noise?
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>what is sampling
>what is rendering in general
jesus fucking christ.. Google some stuff man, nobody here will waste 2hours writing all the basics you need to know
They don't use Cycles. It's as simple as that.
i know they invest tons of horsepower on these renders but something seems off to me.

its like they make the light calculations before it even starts to sample. like not using raytrace but more of like approximation
Eeeeh yeah, what I said, you're REALLY far behind on the topic. Check out some tutorials.
tutorials about what? i can probably name and describe every function in a render engine, i just don't do outdoors or not intending too
Isn't it vice-versa? That interiors produce more noise? I know that is specifically the case with Cycles. I mean, when there's less light, cameras can also become noisier. Anyway, I experienced noise mostly in interiors, but you just increase a number of samples to reduce the noise.

t. few months in 3D, so I may be wrong

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