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Why does this industry treat people like shit?

I am considering just ending my career in animation, getting a normie job and just making my own content, trying to become a youtube/pitch fag/fame fag. I could just draw yelling reaction faces and have a chance at becoming rich or of the clicks of children.

Fuck I can get an entry level normie job and get paid 60k a year with benefits. I've worked a year and a half in this thankless industry and I may have had enough. Everything is just who you know.

Other careers pay you to be trained, this one is basically "know everything before you set foot in the door and DO IT FASTER than the previous guy who had more experience than you who we fired for being to slow when we asked him to increase his productivity by 100%". I've worked along side people hired on pure nepotism/diversity that can barely name a fucking file or model a topology that doesn't need to be completely redone. While I see people busting their asses and perform well above average who don't get hired for years.

I;ve worked in places were people worked off hours for fear of losing their jobs, places that do not pay over time, pay under the table illegally have unpaid interns making work that goes on major networks. I've worked for people who own entire CG studios, but have never touched so much as Photoshop in there life.

tl;dr, my studio treats me like shit. I work for major company and it runs only marginally less sketchy than when I worked for a Start Up held together by gum and paper clips.

Is it even worth working in this industry that is simply laden with scum?
depends on your lifestyle

make a cost-benefit anaylsis.
if you can get the same pay, less hours,less stress job then go for it.
if you can get another job that pays less, but have less hours - be willing to go frugal.

if you built your resume already, you don't have to worry about working at the future
All the hours I work would be fine. If my studio would actually pay over time.
if you work per-hour you have to get overtime, but it depends on the laws.

what kind of animation do you do? i hear there is a demand for animators but the requirements are sometimes ridicules
I'm a a "Junior Artist" who is basically the online in house artist. There isn't a single asset of an project that doesn't pass through my hands.

I do literally every stage of production depending on what we need. I do 2D 3D everything, production, post production, compositing, manage online freelances and helping to figure out pipelines. I had to learn how to do motion capture in two days a few weeks ago. I do all this while having 2D and 3D motion graphics projects that are basically solely my own to accomplish.

I'm spread so thin that pretty much nothing is demo reel worthy and 90% of the stuff I make is under NDA for being related to chemicals or government. This studio may be actively hurting my reel. I'm learning I guess.

I get paid 16 an hour. I've worked here for the last year.

I've been applying to other jobs for the last 6 months, I've had 5 interviews that all "loved me", but hired someone else. I keep thinking maybe my boat is around the corner, but I don't know if I care anymore.

My GF who only knows cell animation and only a smidge of Flash landed her first job at 35 and hour. I don't know if the diversity hire meme is real, but she's Vietnamese, so who knows.
I meant to say "only" not "online"
>cell animation
>35 an hour

sometimes reality is the best comedy show

you sound like a good guy, maybe talk to your manager or something
I often go to bars with him. I've gleaned that this company is not expanding. Ever. He says he wants to, but in reality he want's to keep it at the exact level of "I can live off this company and focus 90% of my attention on my body building career".

I just work to pay his rent , gym membership, and food costs. While he uses his friends in high places to land gigs.

I must say he's brilliant in a way, but I need to get out of here.
This and that other thread are seriously getting me worried about all of this. I've been learning a lot of 3D for the past 4 months since I'm going for a masters in digital design which will probably focus in 3D. And this industry in my country is practically non-existent, afaik, the only places where I could even apply would be a few small-ish game studios and that's it.

I'm kinda inside the void right now and don't know what to do with my life anymore, I've been thinking for a while about getting another degree (most of them are free here so that's not the problem), but since I started with 3D and realized what I'll be doing during my masters, I didn't think much about the future, just started grinding 3D, especially since I realized that's another thing I really enjoy.

But days are passing by so fast. Maybe I should stop for a moment and really think if it is worth pushing so hard, or should I just leave it as a hobby. I don't know what to do.
I get paid the same, but I do completely mindless labor from 7-3 or 8-4. I consider my pay to be poorfag territory as well
I should add that the company is basically, him, the CEO, a Producer, me, and whatever freelancers are currently working on something. Most of whom, are in India working for peanuts.
Get away from media and entertainment, stay in the 3d segment.
So your "studio" is a four-man team (including yourself) with sketchy business practices and which relies on outsourcing to third world countries.

That's hardly representative of the whole industry, it sounds like your boss doesn't value your work and you should get out at the first opportunity.
Where have you passed interviews, and would you be willing to move to a studio in a different location for your career?
I'm aiming for NY or at least East Coast

Booze Allen Hamilton
My Active Driveway
A VR start up
and another Start Up doing medical animation
I can't speak for animation, but in game art missing 5 jobs where "they would love to hire you" but went for another hire is not the norm.
I'm not saying you're the problem. You might've just been unlucky. Though the two startups turning you down after bringing you so far along the hiring process is a bit weird.

My experience is in game art, and game art alone. I talk to other game art people and hear stories from them. What I can tell you is that there are bad companies and good ones. I've seen people work 100 hour weeks (though with good pay) and people work steady 40hr/week jobs with benefits and absolutely no overtime. I don't know what the climate is in advertising or film but I can't see why it'd be different.

If I was in your position, I'd apply to all the big studios in the areas I was willing to relocate to until I got an offer. Most big studios are always hiring if you've got talent, and this is something I'd assume to be true of VFX in general and not just games.

$16/hour for any sort of competent job in 3D is a shit wage. It's the sort of wage you take when you start out as a junior and are being trained. From what you're describing it seems like your company is paying you peanuts for you to do everything for them while offering little in return.
>100 hr weeks
Just why. Your wife / gf will leave you and your pets will all die
,_, Teen Idle from Marina and the Diamonds
I'm the Australian version of you senpai.
At least in this case the guy was working from home.
Where do you live?

I could maybe get you a job if you're in germany
>why does this industry treat people like shit?
because we're all far too overpaid and everybody knows it.
Bullshit. EVERYONE is underpaid, except the top 15%.
Just get into VFX, its the easiest shit ever.
Tell me more
You know how 99,999999% of the movies today use some sort of CGI right? Well be a little creative and a demo reel with some of your work (set extensions, building explosions, fire water green screen shit a music video whatever the fuck you want) even better if it doesn't look like shit and just start looking for a job.
kinda offtopic, but how do you get your foot in the door with the 3d animation industry, OP? or anyone else who's had experience really.
is it simply "grind for years until you have a good enough reel and send that out to studios"?
reading through this thread it looks like you probably won't recommend it, but i'm already expecting the worst out of this industry anyway.
That is fucked. I almost got hired for an entry level position at 343 and that would have been 20/hr, for my first job in the industry ever. Then again, I made 25/hr as an iron worker. It makes no sense.
lul welcome to capitalism, newfags.
>tfw literal clueless plebs who have been learning web development for A FEW months can get a job that pays at least a triple as a starting wage
I don't want to live in this world anymore.

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