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Where are all the entry level cg jobs? All I ever see posted online are jobs that require years of experience. Are companies negotiable about experience requirements?
In the '90 everybody wanted to be a rapper. Today everybody wants to work with computers.
>Where are all the entry level cg jobs?

no such thing unless you're a woman
I get the impression you've got two options - big studios that always go through a lot of juniors, or indies.
If you know any big studios in your area (or are willing to relocate), email them your portfolios. Talk to recruiters and they might set you up with a junior position even if they don't have any job offers up right now.
Indies will also be willing to hire inexperienced artists at a lower cost (or because they have lower standards), though my personal experience is this is something that mostly happens through word of mouth (through contacts and around game schools). I don't know why they don't put up ads, they could get a much better selection of artists that way rather than hiring the first guy they get in touch with.
If you are something like a black lesbian you might get an interview to meet quotas
Are y-you guys serious? I want a job in 3D.
there are lot of good 3d artists looking for a steady job. its not profitable to hire an artist full time (most likely) unless its for some archviz buffoonery
are you helping fulfill a diversity quota? If not, you're f'd
Just lie. Seriously just fucking lie.

I told my first job my internship was full time. I did it like 2 days a week for like 4 months.

I told them I was experienced in flash. Never touched in my life and learned it when they said "can you start on Monday" over the weekend.

lie. lie. lie. lie.

...withen reason.

Every job posting for entry level, that isn't a major league internship, is fucking insane. REQUIREMENTS: Be as good as a 2-3 year pro and be able to fill a job role that is normally done by 3 people. Know literally every program and these 2-3 obscure ones nobody uses but us. Must speak Latin, Ancient forms of Mandarin and Sigh Langauge.

Just fucking lie. I know every career sie will tell you "don't lie", NO. fuck that. fucking lie.

You once told a team member on a project how to do one thing? "I have experience managing pipelines"

This is true. I've seen very sub-par black girls get hired almost instantly. If you are a white guy you will be held to much higher standards. You basically need to be a seasoned pro the moment you apply.

Judging by my graduating class, you don't even have to finish your senior thesis to graduate and you can put unfinished work in your reel and be hired within a month of graduation.

I got super fucking lucky and got hired a month out, but I had to bust my ass the entire time and only barely managed to get a job.
what does your company do?
They put those requirements to scare off beginners or hobbyists so that they don't have to go through 50 billion applications, they don't really expect you to know all this shit. If you got a good portfolio apply no matter what insane experience or what some other shit they require in their add. Also within reason, lie. If the say they want you to know 3ds and you only know Modo for example, just say you do know 3ds and figure it out later, a lot of those programs are interchangeable
I don't work at the same company that hired said girls.

I work for a small startup that mostly does animations and graphics for live actions shows that only need small segments of animation. We also have some Military clients
>the most boring, soul sucking type of 3D work also has to be the one with most job positions available (also, just look at all those Arabs and Indians in that field)
Why does it have to be like this in every industry? I hate this world.

I actually like arch viz. I honestly feel bad for people that don't.
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>shittiest job a programmer can land is at gamedev
>best job you can hope for is at gamedev

really massages the cranial tofu
Programming as a job is fucking cancer, all you do is write shit that gets rewritten a day after anyway because muh change of plans for 8 hours a day
Game artist here, I talk to people in vfx and it seems to be all roughly the same. "Entertainment" 3D jobs are mostly all the same, mostly decent, decent pay and working conditions. You need to really apply yourself to your craft to rise to the top but it's definitely possible. It won't pay as much as some niche industries (like modeling for the military or whoever else is ready to pay out the ass) but you don't become an artist to make mad bucks.
"years of experience" is honestly not that much

almost all junior artists have "years of experience" because it typically takes that long to be good enough to be part of a video game/vfx team
Also the truth is if your portfolio is good enough, they won't care about the years of experience. Between a completely average idiot who's done minor background props at a big studio for a couple years, and a little kid fresh out of school with crazy skills, they'll pick the little kid with crazy skills.
The hiring process in art is different, because in other jobs your work experience *is* your credentials. Here you have a portfolio for that.
This isn't to say experience is worthless, but it's not the be-all end-all of application requirements in art jobs.
also underapreciated because games sell better for its visuals than for mechanics. Most people nowadays have no criteria

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