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i am making a blender game and i want to add an uv to my mesh, but the mesh itself looks like pic related even through it is not when i use object mode/edit mode.
any ideas on how to fix this problem
>I am making a blender game
It's an horrible idea because Blender is horrible but most importantly it's GPL licensed, which means you'll never be able to sell your game. Use Unreal engine or Godot, which worse but is BSD licensed.
i am not trying to sell the game it is a project i am making
recalculate your normals and reunwrap, make sure you're selecting all faces when you unwrap
Ok. That's fine. Get:
thanks this worked.
normals was the problem now it is fixed.
Seems your normals is in reverse.
not him but what would you recomend instead if it was a game made to be sold?
Anon, you have to be more specific.
What kind of team is it? How many people, what are the skills?
What kind of fps will it be? roblox shooter, call of duty, overwatch type? The genere itself doesn't tell much.
>Anon, you have to be more specific.
sorry, i'm new at this
>What kind of team is it?
indie i guess
>How many people, what are the skills?
4, coder, modeler/animator, music & that one other nigga who is basically an ideas guy
>What kind of fps will it be? roblox shooter, call of duty, overwatch type?
i dont know what the difference is between those 3 but its a low poly first person shooter with customization, think LBX or custom robo
>I'm new at this
>ideas guy
>i don't know what the difference is between those 3
Oh man. You gotta know games to make games.
Considering it's supposed to be an indie 3d game, I would recommend Unity to you. It's free unless you make 100,000 USD with it, it's quite user friendly and it's just fine to make "just" game. It requires C# tho (don't even try js or boo on it). If you programmer is C++ type of guy and is too dense to move on then probably you should use Unreal Engine - it's harder to work in, but has way better performance that can handle AAA game. And you pay a share of sales but licence is free.

as for /3/ stuff:
It doesn't really matter what program you use. Any given 3d soft is capable of making low poly shit. Blender can be a good choice if you want to cut your spendings and I would actually recommend you this, since buying licences just to make bunch of roblox models is just a waste of money. If despite having blocky shit you want to have decent textures, you can check out Substance Painter. It's not free, but it's very easy to use and you can work very fast in it.
new in the sense that i've never done a 3d game before, but i've made many 2d games
the ideas guy is really the concept art, story, balancing, legal stuff, etc. so its not just a "LOL GUYS, WE SHOULD MAKE A CAWADOODY BUT BETTER!"
and yeah, i dont understand what you mean between the 3, you mean the graphics? the style?
also forgot to say, the /3/ stuff i ask is basically:
which is the one that would get me less legal trouble when monetizing this shit
>which means you'll never be able to sell your game.

How so? It's content made in blender if it was like that then you shouldn't be able to sell your models either
Is because the code of the game engine is gpl so if you include that you should make the game gpl too, I think you can sell the game and include blender inside as player, that way you can sell your thing, is better to download unreal, wich is also node based, I'll sugest also unity but is c# based code so will be harder but have lots of tutorials, don't try godot, is shit

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