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Hi guys, so i am a beginner, i am doing my first model but i have a problem, so i have the whole body except for the hand and feet and head, problem is i don't have a clue how to connect my ""hand"" (cube) to my arm, my arm has an 8 edge opening for the hand but i realized i will have way more edges in my hand because it has to have 4 fingers connected. So what to do. Pic related, Cube has 8 edges so he can be connected problem is i don't have any edges to connect the fingers
File: edge flow example.png (87 KB, 1845x678)
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This is fairly trivial once you learn how to reflow edge loops. At first you should probably start like in pic related, with the split happening at wrist, but you should eventually figure out a way to integrate it more organically into the shape of your hand and multiply loops as they get to the extremities, because you generally want the density of edges over the mesh surface to be fairly even, otherwise it'll be quit jarring when the poly density suddenly doubles from the forearm to the hand. Of course you don't want your splits to be as rigid as my example either, I just have them spaced like that for clarity.
File: 4 to 6 split.png (34 KB, 945x830)
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Here's another type of split that might be useful to save loops on fingers, you basically get two free loops per finger this way.
U a magician, thanks
File: this fucking thing.png (48 KB, 838x766)
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Also, get used to making this shape a lot...

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