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I have an interesting problem that is beyond my skill.
tl;dr version: What small mesh(es) can be used to compose any tetrahedron?

Long version:
A game editor allows me to create meshes within it, but does not allow me to create meshes within the game itself.

However, it is entirely viable performance-wise to make a composite mesh out of pre-made smaller meshes.

For simplicity, I'll refer to these "pre-made smaller meshes" as "atoms" as they are the unchanging components of larger meshes.
These atoms can be scaled in three dimensions.

Any composite mesh can be made out of various tetrahedrons, so if you can make those tetrahedrons from your atoms, then the problem is solved.

So, my question is: What atom(s) would allow me to make any tetrahedron?

A good candidate is the right-angled tetrahedron; someone told me that you can make any tetrahedron using right-angled tetrahedrons, but they didn't say how.
This topic is barely /3/, you know that, right?

What kind of engine is that? I find it hard to believe, that there is an engine out there, that would prevent you from spawning stuff "in the game itself"

>someone told me that you can make any tetrahedron using right-angled tetrahedrons, but they didn't say how.
Does this really require any further explanation to you? Open up a 3d program, make yourself one and try to assemble any given shape. I'm pretty sure you'll get to it unless you're suffering from severe autism.

And most importantly:
Are you twelve?
Salt: 8/10
Reading comprehension: 2/10
>it is entirely viable performance-wise to make a composite mesh out of pre-made smaller meshes
this is why the source engine has shit performance with games like garry's mod because of people building props in the hammer world editor.

i would even go as far as to say it's better to use milkshape than the method you're talking about.
The engine in question handles composite structures extremely well.

Like, it only starts to break down when there's many thousands of components.
just tell us what engine is it
My life has reached the point where I have more chance at getting money by making shitty kid's games than anything else.

I just spent today making a dungeon generator in it, help
>fucking roblox
get a real one retard
meshes in roblox look like shit anyways, just use unions or get a tetrahedron free model, there must be one there

using unions and negated parts do
>chip away using negated parts
>final result tetrahedron with a square-ish hitbox because of how FUCKING ROBLOX handles hitboxes
fucking christ, roblox
Boolean modelling operators cannot be used in-game.
stop being ingame and use studio
The whole point of this thread is trying to do boolean modelling in-game.
I can do all sorts of things if I can do boolean modelling.
For exame, explosions with blast craters, bullets with penetration, a very efficient building tool...
I think what you're trying to do is to split a generic volume into convex hulls. It's an hard problem but there are some tools. Not sure if any existing tool would suit your Roblox needs but you can read about convex hulls on wikipedia and start from there.
Also take a look at this:
It's a realtime Quake-style CSG library written in javascript. It's very compact and maybe you can find some way to re-write it in lua, but it's really interesting to study anyway.
Check these, they could be of assistance:


That being said, >>576906 is kinda correct, and this would probably get better responses at >>>/g/
Those are triangles.
It's the same principle, making more complex shapes out of compositions of a single simple shape, but I'm trying to make solid models if it's even possible.

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