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How many of you have used photogrammetry in your workflow? Got any tips?

I've tried it just today for the first time. Used Redmi Note 4 (which actually doesn't have a really good camera) and created pic related with Remake. It actually looks better than expected, but it is blurry.

I've been planning to buy some DSLR for a while, but now I'm interested what is a good entry level one with which I can make decent stuff with photogrammetry as well. I want to get some Canon (also interested in video, so that's why), would maybe a 700D be good enough?

Anyway, feel free to talk about photogrammetry in general. I don't know how to feel about it, though. I'm a bit worried that too many things in 3D will get automated. Yeah, with photogrammetry you can't make stuff which don't exist, but still. You could say that modelling and sculpting organic stuff like rocks and trees is a waste of time anyway, but doesn't that ruin the craft?
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what's the cost of money needed to create decent texture ?
>what's the cost of money
Can somebody explain how are you supposed to use 50% of a tree you get with photogrammetry? How did guys from Dice get full trees in their Star Wars game? Is there a way to model the upper half of a tree by yourself and blend them well together, or do you have to somehow capture the whole tree? But then, what is the point of assets like these?


I can only see it being used in a single image where it is cropped by the other assets or an image borders, but it seems to be useless for anything else, I can't just put it in the game like that.
you simply retopo over the parts you want, it would only bake these
Ex-pro photographer here. Used Canon for the majority and then switched to Sony. DO NOT use Canon if you want to do video. Since the 5D mkII Canon are so fucking far behind literally everyone when it comes to consumer digital video, and they refuse to adapt to the shifting industry. You're better off going for literally any other brand. For pure video a GH3 or GH4, or for photo and video literally any Sony mirrorless. A6300 stands out. It's worth spending a couple hundred more on one of these compared to the 700D, trust me on this.
>free to talk about photogrammetry
It often doesn't work. The results are awful, huge and meaningless, it's expensive and nobody cares.
Bull fucking shit. Explain.
I've done it for site survey and archeology in the past - it's still far from entry level. The software is easy enough to pick up but there's photo-taking techniques and quirks you won't learn without exclusive education/documentation. The best software is optimized for a pre-digital photogrammetry pipeline, which is almost arcane knowledge at this point. :(
Could you explain a bit more? What is so hard about it that there are no available learning resources?
it will take a while until we get a program that scans a model, cleans it up and retopo it.
basically i think that you still waste a hell alot of time to make a model production ready, but its defiantly coming
That's somewhat true. But on the other hand, Dice said they saved a lot of time (7+ days per asset) with photogrammetry for SW: Battlefront (with some automation even more), and the results are pretty much amazing, to be honest. Guys from Vanishing of Ethan Carter also used photogrammetry for a lot of their models, and not just nature, but architecture, and it also looks great. Then you have stuff like this:


and the guy who made it said he is working on a realtime environment using this technique and I can't wait to see the result. I don't think it's possible to get that level of detail by hand, at least not in a reasonable amount of time.
This is simply untrue. Activision, Sony, Dice/EA all have depts dedicated to photogrammetry.
Where's the other half of that tree?

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