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Does anyone know what is the process to get your art featured in 3d magazines? Do you contact them or do they contact you? Any resources on this topic?
you can submit stuff and cross your fingers, but they have people looking for pieces to publish that will contact you if they are interested by something you made
Do something really autistic and find a use for it.
I'm guessing you should have a decent portfolio or reputation because they probably want to talk about something rather than to just feature some random person's work.
I really don't think any business works like this unless you are one of the top players. Seems too passive of an approach especially considering 60% of the stuff published there seems pretty mediocre
Anyone here has been contacted by a magazine that wants to publish their art?
I'm also interested in the fee that is you receive to allow your art to be published. What is a normal rate for something like that?
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>Anyone here has been contacted by a magazine that wants to publish their art?
Yes, me >>576688 , that's why I was replying m8. Someone from 3D World approached me about an artwork. There was no fee though, they published it and wrote a small article to go along with it.
Nice, where did you publish your art to get noticed by them? Zbrush central? Artstation?
Also seems pretty weird not getting any financial compensation for it
At the time, it was on Behance (i guess im an oldfag). No doubt Artstation is the place to be to get noticed these days.

I'm not sure those magazine make a lot of profit, but it any case I didnt mind not being paid. It was about a personal piece I had made for fun/practice and the request came out of nowhere soon after, so why not.
I totally get that, you get exposure and potential clients with that but it still seams you should get some compensation for it.
May I ask, did you got featured doing environment art or character art?
Stylized character
Alright, characters, that's what I'm doing :D. Well since I haven't been contacted by anyone yet means I either have to get better or get a stronger presence online. Or both. Did you have a big following when you got contacted or did you just made an exceptional piece?
>get better
always the goal!
>stronger presence online
that sure helps to get people to notice you but make sure to not create FOR it, in the sense of doing what you think will please people the most, cause it might not be super rewarding to you in the end. A mix of original stuff and fan art can be a good approach if you will.
>Did you have a big following when you got contacted?
I had some but nothing insane
>did you just made an exceptional piece?
I still like it t b h and its a rare thing, so I guess it's quite good, I dunno. Its vibrant, the lighting is nice and there are tons of details, so I was very proud of it and I'm glad someone noticed.

Do what you like or would like to see when you browse. Mix your favourite influences with your personal touch. Experiment a lot! You've been online, you know what kind of stuff you're tired of seeing over and over again... I personally stay away from orcs, elves, the Hulk and anime memes - that's been milked to death and is of no interest to me. I prefer to be surprised by something fresh, even if its super simple.
Busty elves and orcs..definitely tired of seeing those lol. And superheroes. Thanks anon, this is very informative
sure m8! keep it up
If you have to ask, you aren't good enough. Just keep working at it, keep on posting, soon you'll get recognition in one way or another.
>If you have to ask, you aren't good enough. Just keep working at it, keep on posting, soon you'll get recognition in one way or another.

IMO to be recognized in this field you need to actively market yourself, it's not just skills alone. I don't believe in passive approaches and I don't believe in just doing your stuff and hoping you'll get noticed by senpai. It might work in some cases but I'd bet in most cases it does not, especially nowadays, when this field of work is so over-saturated. Actors, for example, don't just act and wait to be discovered, they send applications, go to auditions and so on. But I get where you're coming from
I'm an obscure student with little online basis but my work was featured in the magazine after I uploaded it on their website. Your work has to be approved before its uploaded and so you're sure at least someone sees it. A week later I was emailed by their editor.

You don't need to be famous, but I did notice a lot of the covers and double pages go to people who are active on the 10k facebook group.

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