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>Be a beginner with 3d software
>Find a tutorial on the object i want to create
>Everything goes nice
>next part starts up
>Oh hi again guys so i made some changes in-between the parts just to make it look a little better :^)
>The model looks completly different

Just fuck my shit up
What's the tutorial in question?
>watch step by step tutorial
>instructor suggest you can do 'x' in many ways
>wastes 10 minutes on how he prefers something to look like
>finishes tutorial
>result is grainy shit that's not even what he presented at first
File: EBAGREN.jpg (403 KB, 1734x2427)
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403 KB JPG
>tutorial recorded in one shot session
>Endless pauses, ums, heavy breathing and undo
>"I'll post a corrected version later"
>pajeet is narrating

just kill me in my sleep already
File: Pride.jpg (89 KB, 310x310)
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> watch tutorial
> tutorial does something wrong
> jump cut to correct result
> "Hey, nevermind guys, I fixed it :^)"
>"uhmmm... theres something wrong"
>records 15 minutes of "uuhmmm" without knowing how to fix that shit
>cut the part he actually fixes it
> step by step tutorial
> final steps are missing
> "Sorry guys, hardware issues, models and vids are lost. Maybe I will remake and reupload them later"
> reuploads them never
> trying to finish on your own
> 3ds max 7 crashed, progress lost
Sounds like Sony's E3 2006 up in here.
>Find an already made model that you need
>Need to make slight modification
>Model is stl
>Author won't post obj file in case their "brilliant" model gets stolen
>finally find that one tutorial one something very specific
>one of those faggots who's afraid to talk in a mic and either makes circles with his cursor around the buttons he's about to press or writes what he wants to say in notepad as he goes along

>Alright guys, let's make a nature scene in Blender. This is a good tutorial for beginners.
>First thing I'm going to do is append stuff from the Rock and Grass Essential packs.

Oh, okay, because the first thing beginners should do is spend over $300 on high end models and materials they can't fully understand yet.

>So here's the scene I'm starting with. I made this in Maya.
>"Blender Tutorial"
>So guys this is how we're gonna make this really nice scene
>We'll only be learning the bare bones stuff and I won't explain how to make it look as nice as my render
>"Hey guys, sorry I haven't done any videos in awhile, I just don't have the time like I used to, I promise I'll get something done soon."
>This is the last video posted
>Posted 6 years ago

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