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File: hqdefault.jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
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Anyone know any old CG programs (1990s) that aren't too complicated to install on a new PC? I want to make ugly graphics without using blender or any mainstream software. Programs that support both animation and modeling are preferred.

I'm also interested in current software thats free and shitty and easy to use. Like if maya is the 3D equivalent to photoshop, then I'm looking for the 3D equivalent to KidPix.
http://anim8or.com/ is
>I want to make ugly graphics without using blender or any mainstream software
File: ZmodelerProbe.png (40 KB, 800x573)
40 KB
Zanoza Modeler.

Looking at that GUI instantly gave me a flashback of old times of modifying Need4Speed High Stakes cars.
File: SS03.png (47 KB, 800x600)
47 KB
File: fig4d.gif (20 KB, 225x331)
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File: attempt.png (29 KB, 480x480)
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winner of the thread
File: map_sm.jpg (33 KB, 300x225)
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File: b.gif (43 KB, 400x288)
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bryce was the shit in the 90's. i still have a book
People hate on Blender because of the UI, but take a look at this beauty.....
I think i just vomited a little in my mouth.
Who thought it was an good idea to waste 20% of the screen for camera controls...?
Jesus Christ, some things deserve to die.
>Jesus Christ, some things deserve to die
That would be Blender.
nuuu leave mah blender alone!! D:
As bad as Blender's UI is, at least it's not the eyesore that calls itself Bryce.
File: 1487374015862.jpg (11 KB, 250x277)
11 KB
nah man, let Blender live, i don't want all the autism switching to the good softwares
File: amorphiumint.jpg (26 KB, 375x282)
26 KB
>Who thought it was an good idea to waste 20% of the screen for camera controls...?
The UI designer for Bryce, Poser, and Amorphium Pro, Kai Krause.

Also, Amorphium qualifies for OP's quest.

also Power Goo.
and all that made him rich enough to live in a fucking castle

File: Untitled.jpg (51 KB, 640x480)
51 KB
This is a quick example of Art Of Illusion doing displacement and global illumination on its internal render. Who knows why Blender can't do any of that.
File: screenshot_bones.jpg (178 KB, 1024x768)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
If for some reason you have trouble running sPatch, there's also jpatch: http://jpatch.com/
This is my favorite version:
This shit was the first photo editing software I ever used, it felt like the most amazing shit ever
well if Bryce would have been continously developed all these years (even by amateurs like Blender) and not just bought and sold to DAZ who didnt do anything with it execept slapping on some plugins, it couild probably at least be a rival to Vue today. Making a better UI is probably one of the easier things.
Whatever is being used here
They used UNIX for that. You can't have it, it's way too expensive.
don't insult UNIX or IRIX. Power Animator would have never spawned such an abomination.
File: quest-ed.jpg (145 KB, 802x623)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
If you're into level design, I've found this gem recenty:
The linux version has bit rotted but I'm working on fixing it. It's a fully functional Quake 1/2 editor. All software rendered, custom GUI and can preview lights, which means it has a little internal ray-tracer. I'm amazed.
Dig through this

>Who knows why Blender can't do any of that.
Because you didn't learn how to use Displacement in Blender?
>mfw i wanted to suggest LightWave but they're actually still making that shit

Moray 3.2. This is what I learned on back in the day, fully functional sharware version still available.

Caligari TrueSpace 7.6 also worth a shot, made some sick DeviantArt posts with that one.

Milkshape3D lel
Ulead Cool 3D
File: hqdefault.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB
Softimage 3D, the predecessor of XSI. The Extreme version already had an early version of Mental Ray. Alas, it won't work on WIn7 or newer, not even on XP really. It really works only on NT4.
Never tried it in a virtual machine not sure if the OpenGL support is sufficent.
And btw. I would still prefer it a thousand times over fucking Blender hahahaha
Doesn't Japan loves LightWave to this day?
No but they still love XSI.

Forget Blender, why the fuck can't Daz Studio do any of that.... or right, Daz is down to 3 C-list programmers working on their shit.
Stop it. Nobody cares about Blender.
>why the fuck can't Daz Studio do any of that
Because DS is limited to what Iray can do, and Iray is limited to what GPUs can do, and GPUs can't into microdisplacements because they expect to be spoonfed literal geometry. THAT'S why HD morphs exist in DS, because GPUs can quickly process high density polys/tris/ngons but shit themselves having to calculate them on the fly.

Thank Nvidia for hamstringing what renderers took for granted before DS 3 came along.
>Whatever is being used here
The project lead himself commented:
tl;dr: the lead CG animator went on to do ReBoot which is why that kid looks like Enzo.
> No Macs, no MS-DOS,, no Lightwave or 3D Studio. Everything you see is SGI Personal Iris running SGI's own flavour of Unix called Irix. You see off-the-shelf SGI demo apps, C-shell windows. Everything done using Softimage Creative Environment version 2.5 (or 2.6), Animal Logic Eddie, and final composite on Quantel Harry. All rendered at Sony D1 625 resolution, non-interlaced and then put through 3:2 pulldown and RGB to YUV 4:2:2 conversion. We used an Abekas A60 to transfer frames from the SGI machines to a hard-disk that would be genlocked and played in real-time.

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