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File: awp_sg.jpg (807 KB, 1338x907)
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Why does it look like the scope on the awp from cs go has no smoothing groups? It has been bugging me ever since I first saw it
It does have smoothing groups, but I suspect either their normals are fucked up, or they have the edges with two vertices turn into one vertices at the end (quad to tri). This would give the effect of bad smoothing/no smoothing.
i think their highpoly model had these fucked normal and it got baked on the lowpoly model
>they have the edges with two vertices turn into one vertices at the end (quad to tri)
knowing how most valve models in source engine games are i would say this.
It does have smothing group

the faces are too long and narrow. and its faces are diagonal and its all one smoothing group.

It can be fixed with adding connects or loops to square it out.
File: 1347428165812.gif (457 KB, 500x281)
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I'm not the only one then :p

My guess is its elongated tris, it normally causes these normal artifacts. But these could have been remedied by baking from a smooth highpoly model for the normals...shame on you valve.
File: 1490799499691.jpg (70 KB, 686x671)
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I suspect the circled cylinder has no height subdivision, resulting in enlongated tris. Elongated (right cylinder in my pic) tris generally don't shade smoothly in game engines due to floating point errors. The left would shade smoothly, but is obviously more verts, so it's a trade-off.

"high-precision normals" can sometimes fix this.
They have to convert the edge loops from cylinder to capped sphere in the middle. It's probably the latter.
What a terrible post, please stop posting here.

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