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Hey /3/, let's collab!
let's not
Okay then, bye!
But maybe, just maybe, we can?
I don't know...This would be my first time.
M-me too..
Do you think.. you're ready?
instead of saying "lets collab", you should have came with an idea and say "lets collab this". now this thread will be filled with tons of ideas about completely different shit and nothing will get done due to miscommunication.
dare I say, we need the ideas guy?
No you need an idea guy, a leader and a good craftsman in one person, who inspires other people by doing not by talking alone.
How about we begin by listing one or two items that should be in the scene. I'll start:

>A large, red love seat
>3 orange traffic cones
>an anime lady with big titties
>a furry aggressively masturbating to Blender's source code
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i'm new to /3/ and i dont know how a collab would go.
there was a thing i always wanted to do in hammer with friends that consist of:
a house/ship/spaceship/, consisting of corridos, connecting through different rooms, and each of my friends would make their own room to their liking and later on would make it into one map and showing them off autistically
bad thing was, nobody wanted to do it.
don't think that's the type of collab i would find here.
i've learned how to do scenes n' stuff since my lazy sister made me make her arch renders.
my dream is, to have a stable game with a simple first person perspective that you can walk around, and people make rooms for it while walking down the corridor, a la college campus stuff.
that'll never come tru since i can't program shit
collab is the worst thing you can do.

unless the collab are your close friends,never do collab.
make sure the guy you collab with have programming experience and he isn't lazy
that's one of the things i think my dream it's impossible, and can't ask people around or i'll look like the ideas guy, and im not much of a director

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