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A thought occured to me while working: is there a sane way to avoid awful pixelation when baking multiple layered objects? I know IN GENERAL these things aren't super noticeable after texturing but it still consistently bothers me how UGLY it looks.
increase padding maybe
Per part baking limits pixelation on the crossing surfaces to an extent. Idea is to seperate parts with intersecting faces to different meshes, and bake them seperately. Substance atleast does it easily at the push of a button. You just need to seperate and name the parts.
it's not a padding issue, more an issue that comes up on overlapping/intersecting high poly geometry. my padding is at 40 for this, so seams on UV hulls look fine.

for reference, here's the same thing with the colormap and AO applied. while it looks better, it's still kinda ugly looking in those areas.
you probably didn't export your polygroups. it allows you to work with an ID map, check if you have one
So i just need to make sure sectioned parts are named in the fbx and it'll handle it? That shouldn't be difficult to do if that's the case.
well, wait, I suppose Xnormal doesn't understand IDs, does it? It often makes a huge fuss about fbx files with lots of objects. I guess I could just start doing bakes in Substance if it's really that much of a difference.
when exporting highpoly,make sure all objects are seperated and make sure polygroups are exported as well in the .obj
I'll give that a shot when I get home from work then, thanks!
needs mor anti aliassing
>baking multiple layered objects
should be one mesh, op.
if you have multiple meshes then your model is shit.
using Substance did the trick, though it did act a little funny. trying to figure out why it baked part of the normalmap wrong, but it's probably nothing that can't be fixed
Try the normal map fix substance. It's on substance share. It requires you to bake non-averaged normals, export them, then bake averaged normals and export them. Then it does some math fuckery to fix black edges and distortions.
Ah, nothing like that. it was an issue of it not liking that my low-poly was in fbx format. I exported it to obj and used that instead and everything was smooth sailing.
Ah, cool. Had no idea SP didn't play nice with fbx. Probably explains some annoying artifacts I've had in the past

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