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File: 85238732587325.jpg (3.23 MB, 3280x2159)
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How the fuck do i make a brick wall that is actually kinda realistic (so not only a slapped texture on a cube) but it doesn't have 3 billions of polygons after 5 bricks?

displacements son
how realistic do you feel this one is >>576048

i can go into more detail about how i made it
It's bad and here's why. You never paint directly on the bricks. A layer of concrete, which is blueish-gray and a layer of plaster of paris goes on first. That's why your wall looks like wallpaper.
Looks nice even tho it is not "thick" like bricks are supposed to be which is the effect i want to have (so basically make a billion of bricks and turn them into wall but that kills the polycount because every brick is unique so it has to be high enough resolution to allow for me to manipulate it).But go ahead you can tell
>You never paint directly on the bricks
clearly you've never been to the ghetto.
File: 40fdb9e89315.jpg (8 KB, 236x175)
8 KB
Make three or four bricks with a few polygons but good normal maps, then, make an array that selects them and rotates them 180ยบ at random.
Also yeah, displacements work.
Substance Designer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpsLg44gSg8
If you want realism learn what normal/spec/displacement maps see

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