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Where do you guys get your models to populate Archviz scenes?

I'm doing a shopping mall in UE4 and I really need foodcourts, restaurants, cafés and things like that to fill it. I found none on Evermotion, there is like 2 US style diners in the UE marketplace, but the mall is in europe so its useless. On Turbosquid I found a couple decent ones but they were for v-ray and had millions of tris and need lots of work. And one shitty scene is like 90 bucks...

Am I supposed to model everything myself or what? How do you deal with this?
unreal market
What if it's not there?
Would you buy these assets or pirate them? Maybe both? I am currently making arch vis libraries of assets to eventually sell, specifically for ue4 with master materials, and was wondering what would make you buy them, if at all, than pirate?
Not him but generally amateurs pirate, pros/firms buy. Nothing you can do to change whether someone is gonna pirate except make it known that you're a 'little guy' and have reasonable pricing. Some people specifically pay in those cases to support the artists.
I'm running a business, so I'm not going to pirate anything. Already bought a ton of assets on the UE store, mostly stuff to quickly build an environment/content around an Archviz project.
For interior scenes, you really only need furniture, but when you're getting into Archviz for exterior scenes, thats when you suddenly need all kinds of things. Roads, buildings, cars, trees, people, FEMALE people...

What usually makes us buy content is if it looks high quality and can easily be repurposed for all kinds of scenes. For example, we bought a pack called Factory District which has some railways, warehouses, roads, a bunch of assets like forklifts, containers, barriers... all these little things that help really populate and bring a scene to live.

Imo, what is severely lacking on the UE4 archviz marketplace is assets that are oriented more towards exterior scenes and also commercial buildings. Foodcourt or restaurant packs, storefronts, cafés... at least that is what we are looking for right now.
Also decent animated cars and people, especially females. I would pay good money for a pack of AA or AAA civilians that are rigged to the epic skeleton.

BUT I dont know how viable of a market that actually is. Most "archviz" is just interior scenes and most studios likely just use 3dsmax + vray for exterior shots. But with Epic working on that Datasmith thing to make Archviz easier in UE4, chances are the market will grow.

And the good thing about archviz is that assets can and should be very generic, as opposed to games, where most people probably prefer to do assets themselves to fit their artstyle.

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