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File: file.png (28 KB, 605x417)
28 KB
jesus murphy my fucking topology is a catastrophe

have any of you taught yourself topology best practices, and if so what resources did you value most?
Since you're clearly using Blender, I'd suggest using the knife tool to clean the mesh up.
>have any of you taught yourself topology
only very basics.
agree with knife tool anon.
knife tool is best friend sometimes.
File: Subdiv_stepdownguide.png (103 KB, 800x1038)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
thanks for the much needed direction, anons
I was wondering if there was a site or text that covered any related theory or generalised rules? What to avoid, what to try and aim for, etc
this chart is completely braindead
>2 to 1
just nabbed it off polycount's topology wiki pages

it adequately illustrates how starved for formalized information I am
start with a cube only, only make quads, good topology, your welcome.
What's wrong with it, faggot?
Grant Warwick's hard surface modeling was an eye-opener for me, topology-wise. I'm still looking for something just as comprehensive for organic characters, but chances are I'm going to have to use ZBrush and I don't have a tablet at the moment.
File: doge.png (109 KB, 290x280)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
>Grant Warwick's hard surface modeling
thanks so much for this anon, this is exactly the kind of stuff I'm looking for
Neat, but that's a pretty old tutorial though, there he's still using stencils to cut holes instead of regularize edge loop. The RapidTools scripts for Max are pretty much essential at this point and are free anyway.
If you're registered to CGP, you can find 12 volumes of his hard surface tutorials there, well worth the watch.
>Low poly
>No subdivide
>No animation
Who fucking cares?
just trying to build good habits
I definitely understand that when I'm working on something as a piece of a project like this there's no shame in being mercenary/utilitarian about things just to make sure consistent progress is being made, but I have a little extra time to myself so I want to take advantage of it to build up a kind of muscle-memory for shit that will make other things (like animation) easier in the future.

I'll do that, thanks anon
>just trying to build good habits
there is nothing wrong with your model as of yet.
just keep it up
Knowing when you need good topology in the first place is a good habit.
Believe it or not there are times where topology doesn't mean shit.
This is true, and since we're on the topic of tutorials; check out chamferzone videos on youtube, he does a good job of explaining ngons and triangles in models and that you can still have a perfectly smooth model that will bake and texture properly even if it has like 20 verts to a poly as long as it's unwrapped properly. Arrimus3D also uses booleans for practically everything, so his meshes also tend to have a lot of ngons, but he also shows how to retopologize if need be.

To put it simply, if your model does not deform or flex in any way, or will not be subdivided or sculpted, then go crazy with booleans, chamfers and throwing verts around. If you still need to sculpt extra detail into your model, unwrap it first, make it quads and detail it, and then you can bake that detail back to your original (non-quad) model.

I actually use Pinterest for this kinda thing.

Sounds dumb and not exactly official but it works.

There ARE actual garbage in there which you have to filter ny yourself
One more thing is that it can make shading look weird. But basically that shit.
IMO that's why there's such a huge difference between static hard surface models and organics.
You can just throw topology out the window completely if you're an environmental artist.
I never thought of that because of my irrational hatred of pinterest, but it makes sense. I'll have to check it out.

very much appreciate the tips
I guess in the end I'll clean this up and then move onto something more demanding in terms of topology to figure out how to get this stuff right

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