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Okay guys a simple question what if i already have Maya and have some knowledge of it but i also want to model complicated things, should i start again in max? Or maya will do just fine?
stick to maya and only to it when you have the real knowlage of 3D you will see that evry other program is the same thing, focus on what you know and git gud
go to max to model. Max speed and all that. Its actually better than anything else. Export to Maya to rig and animate.

t. pro

Yeah? Will try then, maybe I'm just believing in the same mistake as leaving blender for maya, i'm just sticking with maya, seems comfortable.

That's the thing, i would prefer to do the rest in the program i modelled it, can't max rig and animate?
no, rigging in max is horrible

People in the videos do it easly, how bad can it be?
I dont have time for this
yes because the more confortable you are with the same tool you gain more speed shortcuts and everything else. As an advice FOCUS on modeling only before going to any other field like rigging

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