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Does anyone have the full black desert online character creator file download link. They pulled the character creator standalone and just downloading the launcher from the web archive isnt enough.

pls no hate
I second this. BDO has one of the best sexy chick creator I've seen anywhere.

I wish we could have exported those as rigged FBXs. It would compete with daz anytime.
can you maybe recommend a chick creator tool for a not so total noob?
Daz is your best bet for general purposes.
Have you checked CGPersia/CGPeers?
Honey Select
why no one is making animated Daz porn?
>your post
Within /3/, there is a general where many failures are specifically getting good at Daz to potentially make money in the Western Erotic games/animation market (Patreon). It's just that most people suck.
there are tons of Daz porn out there. the problem is to get decent animations. I wish there was an eroitc animation database somewhere for this shit.
so what are these guys waiting for?
they make renders of plastic whores all day
why not switch it up a little and do animation? they can make nice erotic shorts
Not everyone dreams of making porn anon. Post in the daz general and you'll get quite a few anons who actually are wanting to make a /weg/.

[spoiler]I'm making a porn game but since I can sculpt I don't use Daz.[/spoiler]
>why no one is making animated Daz porn?
The heads come from video game rips but the bodies are all G3F.

The character creator doesn't work anymore, the moment that original beta period ended they took down authentication servers for it. Trying to launch it just gives an error.

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