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File: RemoveDoubles.png (21 KB, 117x88)
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Pic Related is one of the reasons I still use Blender after over a decade because I find it an incredibly useful tool in modeling.

If I were to move over to a different program like Maya, is there a feature similar to it I can use?
No. Blender is the only software in existance that can remove doubles. Be sure to watch hundreds of hours of Blender Guru, Blender Sensei and Blender Senpai tutorials, but their add-ons so you Blender can become a "plugin beast". Also buy some goats and an unholy altar, which you're going to need later to get a job at the Blender Foundation.
hows that doom mod going?
The fuck are you talking about?

I was just asking an actual question and you show up. Fuck off.
Should have I just answered "yes, every single modeling package has those functions"? You guys are no fun.
Well I was told Maya didn't have any similar features by someone who used it.

Merge Vertices
/3/ and 4chan in general is full of faggots like this, I dont know why you are looking for a legit answer from 4chan

Mostly because I assumed someone could just give me a straight answer.
I believe this is the thread anon is referencing.
There are 10 people total posting on this board and I'm the majority of them. Just so you know.

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