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It seems like this board is filled with a lot of shit talkers even more so than any other board despite how slow it is.
Am I wrong to assume that some of you have the skills and accomplishments to back that up?
Now I'm just a beginner and I'll admit that I don't know much or have a lot to show.

But for the rest of you, if your accomplishments match your confidence then post some of your best work in this thread.

pic not related.
>even more so than any other board
i see you've not been to /pol/ or /mu/.
/mu/ doesn't feature a lot of user created music. It's mostly just critiquing other people's taste and while they pretend it's objective no one takes it seriously.
/pol/ is just filled with shitposters where some of them are abrasive on purpose.

/3/ and /ic/ on the other hand are filled with these "experts" who have a lot to say on a given topic, where they can, but don't, often back it up with good examples or their work to see if there is any weight to it.
/3/ does have a tendency to badmouth other people.
i personally know a few people that browse here (well not personality, but just their avatars/nicks) and usually the people who bully are the ones who create ironic art themselves, don't take these guys seriously
kys >:^(

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