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File: 1453213616945.jpg (26 KB, 960x540)
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>mfw i just realized after starting maya (and basically starting 3D) one week ago all i have been doing all day is following tutorials and my day is now wake up work out maya go to sleep reapet
>i am still fucking god awful at it

Will it get better? Right now i am doing a (6 hour long what the fuck) Pluralight tutorial on creating a car and i undestand all of it but if it came to me making a car myself without following the tutorial i'd be in deep shit.
>a week ago
You are really fucking dumb if you think that's a lot of time.

Anyway, yes, it will get better. I am 4 months in and I still follow tutorials for specific things I want to do, because there is so much to learn. Learned a ton of shit and programs, though, so that is nice.
>wake up work out maya go to sleep reapet

so what are you, a neet or something?

I was balancing work, university and learning 3D on what little free time I had, still took over a year to get even remotely good. If you're a neet it should take you only a few months to get on my level
Vacations, no i am not underage
File: 1475942164174.jpg (27 KB, 324x278)
27 KB
......mfw actually mastering a 3D software probably takes between 6 months to 2 years depending of the level of dedication you put into it
File: j.jpg (48 KB, 1200x1198)
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this, also checked

File: zaa.jpg (57 KB, 894x503)
57 KB
yeah, I started with a tutorial and took me 10 days to learn the basics and make pic related.
Right now i'm following the gnomon workshop introduction to maya 2017 and it's a much much better tutorial.
get a fucking job
Or if it's Houdini, literally never.
u wot
Stop trying to learn like that. I tried and got nowhere really. Try making something that's important to you, like a vehicle mod for a game or something else that you'll be proud of and/or get easily feedback from. When you have a plan to make something cool, it's easier to absorb information from the tutorials you watch as you make it.
trips of truth
are you on /fit/ ?
the gnomon workshop introduction to zbrush r7 is just awesome you should go for it if eventually you download zbrush

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