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File: 25387238573257.png (395 KB, 1808x702)
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Does more faces/polygons add a lot more to render time?

Is there a ratio or something?
more calculations.
Most render engines add subsdivisions anyway so look into that and maybe limit. I wouldn't go too overboard.
Not much as long as it fits inside RAM. How much light interacts with surfaces has a larger penalty. Shading complexity with SSS and blurry reflections uses much more cpu power.
you can model that car with <30k faces making it look like 240k
this. That image is pretty dumb

>model car at the 480k range
>decimate it down to 15k

"wtf its all triangley now!?!?!"
Keep in mind these are estimates of *maximum* figures. If you can go under these because your model simply doesn't need that much geo to eliminate all visible faceting, by all means please do.
This. Sampling Global Illumination and reflections/refractions has a much higher cost than poly-counts.
this, it looks like this model was sculpted/done in high poly first, and then just rebuilt with some simple modifiers. That front mask retopo is fucking terrible
yes, u think renderer runs on magic? u fucking mongoloid

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