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File: 1500008138623.jpg (134 KB, 500x500)
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No stupid questions thread?
Oh well, I have one about C4D. Is there any way to add step interpolation via Xpresso? Say I want to rotate an object over time by 5 degrees rather than smoothly. How do I achieve that?
not sure but bumping for LUM
File: step transition.png (102 KB, 1474x886)
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A bit late but I hope this helps.
Thanks anon, you're amazing!
File: NODES.png (111 KB, 959x710)
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111 KB PNG
How do I get Maya to stop fucking around with my node layout when I'm working?
File: Howtodoitright.jpg (411 KB, 3517x2058)
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How to make a crisp squared hole in a curved surface?
File: 418XAfPJegL.jpg (20 KB, 500x406)
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Has anyone here used a 3D modeling mouse like this?https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FJRRVII/ref=psdc_11036491_t1_B00U84JYJG
Is it worth it?
Yes, it saved my wrists. Not the dinky watered down model you linked though. Get the space pilot so you don't sacrifice hotkeys.
I just rigged for the first time following this tutorial.


My mesh is made of primitives like in old games so as to avoid deformation. The arms aren't connected to the body and the right one behaves as it should. But when I move the left one it deforms the mesh near it. Why is that?
I'm trying to use the boolean modifier on a bunch of balls (all are in the same object) in blender but the object doesn't appear in the dropdown list next to the Operation box. Fucking why?!

And whenever I try to use the colour picker to select the object, it says "Failed to set value".
swear to god i wanna just slit my wrist slit slit my wrist
check your weights
Why are weight painting tools so fucking terrible (Cinema 4D and Maya), and is there any script or plugin for Maya or something to make these horrible painting tools better?

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