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Is 3ds max considered "bad" in the industry?

I know the question may be silly. Im a bit new here in /3/ and i have roughly 2 years experience in 3ds and i keep seeing people mostly refer to maya. While at the same time people say that plenty of companies use it. Is that true? And if it is bad is it worth spending the time to learn maya in this industry?
So i use both since a couple of years and i dont think you can call either of them bad, they both have their advantages over the other but are very solid in general.

I think it strongly depends on what you want to do, in my opinion max has the most powerful modelling tools in the industry, no matter classic 3D software you use the toolset and variety of modifiers max offers is one of a kind.

In terms of animation and rigging i would prefer maya over max, the rigging tools in maya are much more advanced and its alot easier to create complex rigs in maya than it is in max.

In terms of rendering they both offer the same renderers so i wouldnt choose based on that.
kill you're self
modeling: use Max
everything else: use Maya
Max just has a UI that's amazing for modeling.
I'll have to agree with the others, Max lets you knock out models very quickly and easily, but the animation tools... they're usable at best. Bones, bipeds and CAT rigs are still largely the same as when they were integrated. You know you've got a problem when you're watching tutorials for Max 2014 and they're still 100% applicable to Max 2018. When you consider plugins and scripts, Max generally has more options here as well, due to having a larger user base. If you can, you should at least know how to use both programs, even if you intend to primarily specialize in one.

Kinda tired of these threads, but for the last time;

A 3D artist who doesn't know how to use Max at all is like a dentist who doesn't know how to use a toothbrush.

Max has its faults - but in terms of a rock solid, dependable, comprehensive set of modelling tools that are pig-simple to learn to use - it is unbeatable. End of story.

Also - the question about whether or not Max is 'relevant' or 'standard' can be answered by one factor alone; 3rd party support. Max is the iPhone of plugins and scripts; if a developer has an idea for a new tool - it will be made for Max before anything else, and in many cases will *only* be made for Max. Maya is only ever a 'Maybe' in this area. Modo? Nope. Blender? Fuck off.

Max will be here for a long time yet. Get used to it.

>>In terms of rendering they both offer the same renderers so i wouldnt choose based on that.

Except that, (at least with VRay) the Maya version is always a bit limited compared to the Max version. The new things that get added to Vray like the EdgesTex or CompTex maps are always in Max version before they show up in the Maya version. Also, again, 3rd party things for the renderers like CGsource's MultiTex map are only ever available for Max.

So, no, Max and Maya are not equal when it comes to rendering and texturing.


Using Max's slate material editor is like ordering something at Baskin Robins.
Using Maya's hypershade is like being trapped in the steel foundry at the end of Terminator 2.
But Maya has Arnold which is the superior render engine
Not sure / don't care if you're trolling, but so does Max. Autodesk own Arnold now and are in the process of making it the standard renderer across all their tools. ChaosGroup are not happy about this, as you may expect.
Max 2018 ships with Arnold, you poor, ignorant creature...

Wait we are already at 2018 Maya/Max?
Jesus Christ... I'm starting to get behind this idea that we really should have a license to be allowed to use the Internet.
Yes, it has been released multiple months ago.
This is accurate

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