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File: mech_leg.jpg (69 KB, 287x644)
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Help me out /3/. How should I model this in Zbrush.
I'm good at hard surface mechanical modeling if it's free form. However, if I need to create something based off something preexisting I don't even know where to start.
I just use the clay brush to work out rough shapes but then I get stuck on some deformed shit.
Should I use 3D Max for these instead?
I'd like to keep in ZBrush so I can improvise easily while I'm going instead of replicating whole sale.
>block out with dynamesh
>use zsphere remeshing to extract hard surface "plates"
>use zmodeler for stuff like the holes
>panel loops to give the plates thickness
>kitbash in the gubbins like the big screw thing
Thanks. Makes sense
I guess the trouble was I was working on the actual knees of the model. Starting with a fresh mesh is much better
File: 1489371245881.gif (804 KB, 400x500)
804 KB
804 KB GIF
>kitbash in the gubbins like the big screw thing
Offtopic though. What you do you guys think about kitbash?
Do you guys make your own set, is there a set you guys recommend?
It feels like cheating, but realistically if I need to make a game I can't be fucking modelling screws.
I would say make your own set for the game you're working on. You just have to make the stuff once and then you can use it for the rest of the models. Since you only make the stuff once, it's not that difficult, and you can keep it consistent with the rest of the games art.
File: 1489405395544.png (152 KB, 1280x711)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Final follow up question since I'm getting some help.
Is it even possible to bake in details from a medium poly sculpt from ZBrush to a texture for a low poly mesh?
Basically, if I model >>575881 in zbrush with the details, can I bake a normal map from it to create something like >>575888?
Or does it make more sense to just sculpt a low poly and do the detailing in the textures using photoshop or some pixel drawing tool
Sorry, not normal map. I know how to do those. I mean convert the detail to a diffuse texture?
I know it's a stupid question and probably the answer is no, but curious.
There are several ways to do this. You can use polypaint in zbrush (which counts as vertex color in other programs) and bake it down to a diffuse texture (maya does this). You can use the built-in substance painter lighting bake generator to bake that information as well, though thats a bit of a roundabouts way of doing it.

If you're gonna be doing pixel-res textures why the fuck would you model it in something like zbrush though?
I would honestly just do the hard surface modeling in Max and bring it into ZBrush for detailing if need be, then bake the details down into maps. It just seems like a waste to start in ZBrush and then mess around with figuring out how to compact the results into something game-friendly. In fact, the reference images have very smooth and clean surfaces, so I'd probably skip ZB altogether, it just seems unnecessary, but if it's your primary tool, then I'm not gonna stop you. Just seems counter-intuitive to me.
File: 1489399160229.jpg (269 KB, 800x600)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
Yeah, I know it's a stupid question.
I can't draw so the only way I can quickly bang out ideas/concept art is through ZBrush, but I know for a lot of things like this it's not the right tool. It just seems wasteful to not do anything with the high poly mesh I'll end up with, but that's the price I pay for not learning to draw for concept art.
I guess my workflow should be to just prototype ideas in ZBrush, and when I've settled on a design I like just use Max like normal.
Delete Z brush

Get blender3d with hardops.
RIP Cosmic Break =(
Zmodeler, Live Booleans/IMM brushes/gizmo deformers

if you get hold of it, it goes really fast and smooth in Zbrush. you have to retopo at the end some parts.
>It feels like cheating,
When it comes to real world hard surface things (guns, vehicles, airplanes, etc) the components generally adhere to some sort of standard.
So it's actually pretty authentic to use the same kit if all the stuff is from the same universe / continent. That said, I don't like most greebles since by their nature they're just extra junk that doesn't make sense and is often even detrimental to the design so much so that I get pulled out of whatever fantasy / scifi thing I'm looking at.
Even though most people don't have the experience to be able to articulate those exact sentiments, nontheless people are really good at spotting when things are "off" and I feel like that sort of shit (greebles, overuse of kitbash stuff) contributes to the "off" feeling.

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