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>find a nice tutorial series on youtube
>after going through a half of it, realize the person never finished the series
>look at the comments
>he is still replying to new comments, saying he will finish it as soon as he gets a bit of free time
>literally YEARS pass and he still hasn't managed to make a 10 minute tutorial

Holy shit, how much are 3D artists working? It seems to be 24/7. Should I worry as somebody who is wanting to get into industry?

Shit seems crazy, man.
Tuts are for fags. Make some porn and set up a patreon.
pro here

work hours are sometimes 12-14 hour shifts a day for several weeks at a time. But more likely than not that person also has a life after work, yknow.
Just buy complete tuts m8
Not that expensive and at least you know you'll get something complete
I work in the industry, never had to work more than 8 hours a day. Have a friend who's in the same situation, and claims no one at his studio ever had to do overtime. On the other side I also have a friend who had to do 100+ hours work weeks, though not in games (general 3D outsourcing). It really varies from one company to another.
Why but it when >>575869

You can get 3 months free of Pluralight (every tutorial they have from After effects to C++ to Maya to Blender/whatever) if you sign in using your Micrososft account
You should be happy that you get a job in 3D seeing as most people doing it land under the bridge trying to survive every day on $5.

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