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File: how.jpg (16 KB, 333x296)
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Anyone tried to make it on patreon?

What are your tips?

I tend to check Graphtreon everyday and it interesting to see people make it big. For example, exiscoming has only been doing this for a few months yet he has picked up a ton of subs.

Notice that monster girl is a huge thing on patreon. I also notice that slave trainers are still big.

Another thing is most of the people making big money aren't that skilled to be honest. Like there is a guy who making 10k a month using someone elses art assets.

Not sure if it even possible to make it on patreon now.
give people what they want and offer rewards that are worth their support.
"making it big" on patreon doesnt mean you have to get tens of thousands of dollars a month. If you put out consistent content, and dont make promises you cant keep, you should be able to make a reasonable amount of money on patreon.

The first step is mustering the arrogance and audacity to stand up and say that what you do deserves to be paid for. A hurdle I havent personally overcome yet.
100x this. If you can't make it, perhaps you're just a shitty person with shitty ideas.
step 1) make porn
forget anime and furry porn.

make source film maker shit and get rich.
even the MLP ones seem to do really nicely for some reason. I thought the fad was over.
Be humble and patient. A lot of successful patreons treat their accounts like side cash and they're not trying to sell anything. Offer your content for free but thank people for donating. Just don't be a greedy jew bag and you'll tap into the appeal of your audience.
Have rich parents who funnel money to you through a third party to dodge inheritance taxes.
>even possible to make it on patreon now
There's no such thing as market saturation in the art world.

If you are not making money on patreon, either your content is not good enough, or you are not reaching out to an audience.
In the general case, if you are putting out content, and your content is good enough, your audience will already know about you. This is a virtue that should be understood in the post-Google-botnet world.
Also it should be understood that you don't need to pander to any particular audience. Internet is a big place.
Just do whatever gets your rocks off. You'll live longer.
Nah, the fad has just moved to a new audience. /pol/ got into that scene like fucking crazy back in april.
Literally the opposite of this. Appeal to furries and/or cucks whilst you are at it and you'll be rolling in it
File: adopted.jpg (24 KB, 199x218)
24 KB
Your options are:
1. Porn
2. Ponies
3. Furry
4. All of the above

Make grandiose promises and let the money roll in for a year, then cut all ties and disappear. It helps to use a pseudonym.
>running off with 180K cause you don't give a fuck about Patreon donators and it's legal
Makes me think really.

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