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>Can make environment,VFX and objects pretty easily in Maya
>Cant make human character's like for shit, even the easiest ones cartoon-ish fuck me up insanely
>I won't even approach the head because that shit is fucking impossible for me

Anyone else? Dunno if i should bruteforce it and just spam models until i am decent in it or i should just do what i am not-awful at.
If you really want to forge ahead, then be aware that there's going to be a lot of stuff to process. Modeling, rigging, skinning and unwrapping characters are all linked in a way that you'll end up needing to learn all of it to get meaningful results. You might model something that seems to look ok, but once you bone it up you realize that it doesn't make sense structurally, then when you skin the character, you'll realize the deformations are shit, and then once you texture it, you'll realize your UVs are shit, and then when you animate, you'll realize that everything is shit, including life itself.

To model characters well is to anticipate all of that and make sure that you will have a good workflow stack from one phase to the next. Perhaps making some of these mistakes is a good learning experience as you might not realize what's wrong first hand till you're further down the line.
My suggestion is following some good tutorials, but throwing away the reference/scene materials and make a different character (but also from reference) and follow along conceptually. For instance, it could be a rigging tutorial for a human but you're making an alien instead, that'll help you abstract yourself from unnecessary details. In 3D I see a lot of people following along too closely and getting caught up in details. Learn the process so that once you know how to model/rig one hand, you can do any hand just from memory.
Sounds like a lot of work
3d is a whole lotta work, what did you expect?
Just do what you're good at.
Actually i think that creating shit like cars or trees is 20 times easier than even the most basic human, dunno maybe its just me
Did you spend the same amount of time on both humans and cars and trees, though?
There is a reason when i started doing cars and trees i didnt want to drop them like i want the humanoid models
Yeah so fucking do what you're good at then. You think the best environment artists tried to fit into a character artist mold? Hell no, they just kept doing what they wwere good at. Do that.
The issue isn't the amount of work, it's the fact that there isn't much immediacy between what you're seeing and the result you're expecting when it comes to characters. A character doesn't really start to come alive until you're almost at the end of the process, so you have to work your way to that point where you feel accomplishment, rather than having a concept forever stuck in a T-pose.

You know why archvis one of the easiest and most common 3D fields? It's immediate in almost everything you do. If you have your lighting and shaders set up to make even a plain empty room look photo-real, whatever else you do with it afterwards doesn't matter. Environments and virtual product shots are also pretty low on the list. But characters are quite unique in the minimum amount of work you need to put into them before you can pass it off as a finished product, whether it's personal messing around or professional work.
If you want to do faces you have to scan. Thats what the big bois do.
how common it is for people to download all of their archviz assets?
i swear im seeing a repeating lamp and a sofa in alot of renders
Seriously, considering how good the technology is already, and it will only get better, what is the point in specializing in realistic humans today? I understand creature modeling and sculpting anything stylized, but realistic human? We can't achieve the same amount of detail at all IMO. Same with photogrammetry and scanning organics like rocks.
>should bruteforce it
1. far too cumbersome for anything except big studios

2. obviously not flexible since you need the person to look like the character you want to make

>We can't achieve the same amount of detail at all IMO

of course you can. have you never seen likeness sculpts? people make more or less 100% realistic humans all the time
You want to do a character but are afraid to leave your comfort zone?
How about a compromise.
Do a fucking robot.

Start with a stylized simple one, work your way up to realistic. Then maybe you can start doing armored suits or a mech.

You also don't need to built from scracth. You could grab a face from makehuman or Daz and sculpt over it (make it your own) then build an armored suit around it or make a cyborg out of it....

One step after another out of the comfort zone and it will grow bigger....You can do it.
Why worry about it? You've found your specialism - you're an environment artist, not a character artist. Quit worrying about it.
What if he wants to create characters tho but he is shit at it so he is stuck making rocks for the rest of his life?
can you draw a head?
Can you?
I'm the exact opposite of you. I can make some good faces and character mannequins but I can't for the life of me figure out what to do for environment.

I honestly don't even know where to start or what to do. Where do I get all the plant/objects for my environment? I'm assuming everyone downloads an asset kit. If there are what are some good ones? I'm a Blenderfag as well.
100% the same for me.
Don't know how to generate or texture terrain, don't know how to create or if i should just download plant / grass packs, don't know how to place grass / plants effectively. Don't know how to make it all look like a cohesive scene.

I'll take a character from concept to rigged and animated model over environments any day.
You guys should have the mental capacities and artistic abilities to create beautiful environments.
The only thing lacking is knowledge of this discipline and experience. You'll love it, its fun and less stressful, even meditative.

Terrain - sculpt it, generate it by height map, use a tool (Houdini, World Machine, Terragen)
Materials - tile-ables patches, layered by masks, use tools like Quixel Megascans or other libraries.
Plants - Speedtree or various plugins, make your own, use libraries

Take inspirations from Landscape painters/photographers.
Use references, do it often. Start small, get bigger.

Like, if you are asking questions like this, you didn't even bother educating yourself about the topic because you're probably just lazy. Nhf.

Just, like, go watch and read tutorials. Duh.

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