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File: That's L3WD.png (88 KB, 250x250)
88 KB
In order to allow for artistic critic in line with /ic/ and to keep a professional face for /3/ and to keep /3/ from taking over threads on /aco/ nudes will be allowed on /3/ but it must be "spoilered".

Let's see your 250x250 SFW nudity spoiler for /3/.
File: shepard-funny-face[1].jpg (39 KB, 600x722)
39 KB
>nudes will be allowed on /3/ but it must be "spoilered".
Says who? Post a source citing official rules or a post from hiroshimoot
File: goblinTwerklo.gif (2.77 MB, 480x360)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB GIF
That's faggy. Why would you spoiler nudes on an art board?
Because the nerds on this site don't know the difference between art and porn
there is no difference
File: 12e1d.jpg (92 KB, 633x630)
92 KB
Thanks, I just had a stroke.
Please eat rat poison asap.
Everything can be art since Marcel Duchamp put a urinal upside down and put it in the exhibition.
File: sailormoon 3d.jpg (43 KB, 564x812)
43 KB
Or porn. That doesn´t depend on YOUR opinion, tought - it depends on the MODERATOR opinion.
All it takes to a janitor to delete an image is for him to not like the art style.
Sketchfab usually puts anything not "Disney friendly" as adults only in their website - and REAL 3D porn is deleted there, as Jesus demands.
/ic/ and /3/ are shitfests of non-artists trolls spewig shit at talented guys who legitimately wanted a real opinion, so anyone making porn WILL post it on /aco/-much better, since it´s usually for adult games and the target audience is right there, not a unmoderated board full of 12 year olds abusing the board lack of mods.
well they wouldn't need to deleted """porn""" art if they're spoiler and hidden.

This is a great idea to make /3/ more useful like /ic/ is to 2D artists and still allow the autistic fucks that get anxiety attacks every time their pee-pees tingle to use /3/ safely.

OP's image works fine. It's legible at display resolutions and is simple enough. But I'll try coming up with something to enter later.

Because right now the mods don't allow nudes period. They don't consider 3D to be real art, it's just something kids play around with so that's why /3/ is SFW because of all the underage b& on the board.
that's a nice sailor moon. i wish this was porn because i would cum buckets to this style.

yeah but does the topology allow her mouth to move back around to a normal position or is she permanently side mouthed?
Speaking of lewds it's looking like time for another /3/ thread on /aco/. The old one has reached the bump limit.

There's the new /3/ Lewd threads that will do until the mods set up a spoiler tag here for lewds.

New /3/ Lewd thread
This image is too lewd, the ice cream in this image is too easy to replace with a penis, SHUT IT DOWN.

When is she gonna get some legs so we can look up her skirt and see her panties?

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