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File: 1489658452200.png (28 KB, 655x509)
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>join a 3d related discord server
>mods have to interview you first
>chicken out
There is no future in 3d for people like, is there
well a large amount of it is networking is nessisary
git gud. what else is there to do
sorry bro but you're gonna need a modicum of social skills to get anywhere in the business

either that or just do furry porn 3d. There's money there if you're at least mediocre.

Join DiNusty discord and just say your a 3d student when they welcome you.
>networking is nessisary
I'm so sorry your generation was born effectively dead. You're an horde of walking sad robots constantly looking for each other, looking for anwers of which you have none.
millennials use networking because they can't compete in such a big job market.
its also companies fault for looking employees who are "team leaders" and "forward thinking" so everyone jumps on this social media crap trying to show off like a retard
I also chickened out of this one
How do I stop being a sperg

getting a job has always been 60% who you know and 40% what you know, in most careers.
digital age and we work in a digital medium, it is what it is.
i give up
>/3/ the post
What discord were you trying to join? I'm curious
File: 1308978167864.jpg (25 KB, 273x252)
25 KB
>millenials use networking because they can't compete...
Everyone uses networking because it's how you get a leg up in getting a job, dude. People working with friends, family, fraternity members, classmates, etc. has been happening since long before any of our fathers were even swimming in our grandfathers' testicles. Networking isn't something that was invented in the last ten years.
well i didn't mean it like.
but in the corporate world there is alot of emphasis on being social and showing interest in the company's "vision" and be a part of some "brand".
i wish people would just focus at the job at hand and not ramble endlessly about this kind of garbage
besides, this whole networking thing in social media feels forced and idiotic. i hate it when you let social cues cloud your judgement - you either like those motherfuckin renders or not.
You can't truly network on social media by comenting on renders like I see most people doing it. You need to build up rep first. If you go on some top artists profile and compliment his pictures he's not gonna care. If you already have a large fallowing and are actually good, than talking to hm might mean something and he might actually remember you. Bottom line: Networking when your skill is on /3 level and your rep is nonexistent is pointless, just git gud first
>well a large amount of it is networking
it's a fucking discord server
are you in the habit of sucking cock to make friends on Skype too

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